The complexity of B2B marketing – compounded by the digitization of business, a revolution in AI and advanced analytics, and an explosion of channels and media – have transformed the commercial model. These dynamics have rendered established models for managing and optimizing the performance of global media programs and investments at scale inadequate to effectively manage. This has many marketing, media and brand executives struggling struggling to allocate and align their investments in media to accelerate growth, maximize customer lifetime value, and differentiate their brands. To help B2B marketing leaders to better understand and address these issues, our faculty is undertaking a Connected Media Strategy research initiative. Our goal is to identify best practices for planning, activating, and maximizing the impact of media programs at scale in a modern commercial model.

About The Connected Media Research

Research to help B2B marketing, media and brand executives identify and understanding the new rules for planning, deploying, and optimizing media at scale in a modern B2B enterprise.

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We welcome Marketing, Brand, and Media leaders to participate in our research and get exclusive access to the Connected Media Strategies research findings from our faculty of peers, academics and experts.

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On September 21st, Green Thread will be hosting the CXO NEXT executive forum in New York City where marketing, media and brand leaders will gather to discuss the Connected Media Study findings.

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