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CXO 100 Leaders Teamwork

Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Drives Growth at Ciena

How Joe Cumello and Jason Phipps have created a common purpose and culture of teamwork across their revenue teams Our...
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CXO 100 Leaders Insights

How John Jacko is Leading Growth at Pentair

Using Insights to Drive Growth, Teamwork and Effectiveness john jacko, chief growth officer of pentair Our team of experts from...
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CXO 100 Leaders Return on Growth Assets

How Jaime Punishill is Accelerating Growth at Lionbridge

The Keys to Making the Commercial Model More Digital, Data-Driven, and Accountable jaime punishill, cmo of lionbridge Our team of...
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CXO 100 Leaders Leadership

The Emergence of a New Generation of Growth Leader – The CXO

CXOs will be needed to captain the 21st Century Commercial Model Brad McLane and Giovanni Lamarca of ZRG Partners recently...
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