The ability to reliably plan, forecast, and realize future revenues materially impacts firm financial performance and value. As most boards push their CEOs for more predictable and scalable time-based contracts and recurring revenue models, the added complexity and uncertainty associated these revenue streams has broken the back of conventional forecasting processes and systems. Our faculty has undertaken the Dynamic Forecasting research initiative to help CEOs, CFOs, CXOs and operations executives develop a faster, smarter, and more data-driven approach to generating growth plans and forecasts.

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Learn the keys to putting in place a faster, more agile and data-driven approach to forecasting and realizing predictable growth in a modern commercial model.

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Participate in a short interview and get a free copy of the research findings and a briefing from our faculty in the findings and benchmarks, and implications.

Align the Front and Back Office

Learn how finance leaders are aligning front and back office teams, systems, data and processes to maximize revenues and margins

The Dynamic Forecasting Research Report

Read our in depth analysis and learn practical ways to generate more agile, reliable and precise revenue forecasts in an uncertain marketplace.

Dynamic Forecasting

Assessing the Quality of Revenue Generation

Dynamic Forecasting

Aligning The Front and Back Office to Maximize Revenue And Growth

Data Driven Growth Strategy Dynamic Forecasting

Extending Financial Control Over the Entire Revenue Cycle

Dynamic Forecasting Teamwork

Five Steps Finance Leaders Are Taking To Generate More Consistent And Scalable Growth

Dynamic Forecasting

Dynamic Forecasting