Our faculty of leading academics and world class experts in sales, marketing and service leadership actively works with leading business practitioners to develop research, education and management tools to help a new generation of growth leaders transform the go-to-market system and enable revenue growth across the enterprise. Our faculty includes the world’s leading minds in the core disciplines of sales and marketing leadership, teamwork across silos, data-driven sales management, go-to-market transformation and activity-based measures of account health and sales and marketing performance.  The faculty supporting all of the research and education programs at the Revenue Enablement Institute includes:

Stephen Diorio
Stephen Diorio

Stephen Diorio is Managing Director of the Revenue Enablement Institute, EVP of Growth Strategy at Green Thread, and a Senior Fellow at Wharton AI and Analytics. Stephen is a leading authority in go-to-market transformation, performance management, and Revenue Operations, He has helped over 100 organizations deploy revenue operations to accelerate growth and become more data-driven, digital, and accountable. He’s authored several books on commercial transformation including Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales & Marketing, Monetize Data. Learn more about his insights into commercial transformation.

Chris Hummel

Chris Hummel is a Managing Director at the Revenue Enablement Institute leading CXO programs. Chris is a global CXO with a track record of successfully aligning sales, marketing and product teams at world-class companies like Oracle, SAP, Schneider Electric, Siemens and United Rentals to accelerate growth. He recently co-authored Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales & Marketing, Monetize Data. Learn more about his successes aligning sales and marketing; collaboratively creating digital products and services; and using brand repositioning to amplify business strategy to drive measurable and scalable growth.

David Reibstein

David Reibstein is the Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of Business.  Professor Reibstein is a work leading authority in marketing measurement, management, compensation and short and long term growth resource allocation. He is author of Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance, and Markets in Motion, What Every CMO Needs to Know About Growing in a Recession. Learn more about Professor Reibstein’s insights on growth and innovation investment in the post pandemic world.

Raghu Iyengar

Raghu Iyengar is the Miers-Busch, W’1885 Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of Business and the Faculty Director of Wharton Customer Analytics where he conducts research and executive education programs at the vanguard of the advanced analytics revolution. Professor Iyengar is educating a new generation of data-savvy executives on how to use their customer data to accelerate growth. Learn more about Professor Iyengar’s insights into the ways growth leaders can leverage customer data and advanced analytics to grow.

David Edelman

David Edelman is an established authority in digital sales and marketing transformation. For three decades, he’s been leading digital marketing and sales transformation as a CMO at Aetna/CVS and as the leader of McKinsey, Digitas, and BCG’s digital marketing and sales transformation practice areas. Learn how David envisions using AI to address the complex challenges of leading a 21st century commercial model, including: scaling 1:1 personalization, optimizing the customer journey across campaigns, channels and content, and optimizing marketing planning and resource allocation.

Mary Purk

Mary Purk is a leading authority in using AI and advanced analytics to unlock the potential of customer data to expand customer relationships and create new growth and value and an advocate for Women in Data Science. As Executive Director of the Wharton AI and Analytics for Business (AIAB) program, she connects Wharton faculty and students with industry practitioners to explore paradigm-shifting uses of AI and advanced analytics to enhance customer relationships, the customer experience, and human-AI collaboration.

Peter Howard

Peter Howard is a leading authority in data driven growth strategy, digital marketing, ecommerce, and Account Based Marketing. Peter is the Professor of the Practice, Executive Director of the Questrom Digital Business Institute at Boston University. Professor Howard has over thirty years’ experience developing, executing and enhancing the performance of eCommerce, digital marketing, database marketing and customer experience programs at Accenture, Staples, Ross-Simons and Digital Equipment. Learn more about Peter’s insights into the ways commercial leaders are using data and digital channels in a 21st Century Commercial Model.

Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly is the Chairman of the Sales Management Association.  Mr. Kelly leads the only global professional association for managers focused in sales force effectiveness. Over the last decade, he has hosted and led research, forums and tools to help sales operations, enablement and leaders evolve the discipline of sales management to address the new buying reality. Learn more about Bobs research and insights into the ways sales managers and performance professionals can continue to improve the performance of the revenue teams they support in a 21st Century Commercial Model.

Charles Cantu

Charles Cantu a pioneer and recognized authority in marketing accountability and the evolution of media and advertising through the use of cognitive AI and neuro-programmatic technology. His company Reset Digital helps the world’s largest brands – including GM, P&G, Disney, Verizon Wireless and Comcast to deliver on the promise of programmatic advertising by unleashing the power of cognitive messaging to build universal inclusivity, trust, preference, conversion, and expansion. Charles leads MASB’s (Marketing Accountability Standards Board) digital accountability committee and is a board advisor for the institute for advertising ethics. 

Cam Tipping

Cam Tipping, Founder of the International Institute for Business Development Global Ltd (IIBD). Cam is a pioneer in algorithmic sales resource optimization, computer-based growth strategy simulation modeling, and virtual selling and education. He has advised and educated over 5,000 growth executives and sales managers from more than 60 countries on growth strategy and business development. Mr. Tipping is the developer of the SABRE business simulation tool used worldwide in businesses and MBA programs, and creator of ProfBehindTheGlass, an online education platform. Learn more about Cam’s insights into data-driven sales resource allocation and the evolution of virtual selling.

Neil Hoyne

Neil Hoyne is a leading authority in data-driven customer relationship building, direct to customer (DTC) channels, and sustainable growth.  As Google’s chief measurement strategist and global head of customer analytics he pioneers strategies for customer lifetime value, marketing attribution, dynamic pricing, content personalization, and truly democratized data. Neil is also a Senior Fellow at Wharton Customer Analytics where he works with the faculty to explore paradigm-shifting analytics that illuminate our understanding of customer relationships.  Mr. Hoyne is the author if the best selling book Converted (Penguin 2021) which teaches senior growth leaders how to build relationships with their best customers in a 21st Century Commercial Model.

Jeff McKittrick

Jeff McKittrick is Managing Director of Digital Sales Strategies. Jeff is a leading authority in revenue enablement with over 15 years of sales operations experience building and implementing digital selling and sales enablement platforms at Cisco, Hitachi Vantara, and WalkMe. Jeff and his team at Hitachi Vantara won SiriusDecisions’ Program of the Year for Sales Operations for their work on creating the Digital Selling Platform. He is currently AVP, Go-To-Market Systems and Strategy at Pure Storage. Learn more about Jeff’s insights into turning sales enablement technologies into a force multiplier for sales.

Julie Roehm

Julie Roehm is an established authority and pioneer in defining customer experience management in the 21st Century. For the last 25 years, she’s been helping leading brands like Daimler Chrysler, SAP, ABRA Automotive and Party City Holdings accelerate growth and transform their customer experience as a growth leader. Julie is a highly sought after expert on transforming the customer experience who brings the voice of the customer to business owners and boards, including T-Mobile, Ride, and the Digital Marketing Institute. Learn More about how Julie has unlocked the power of a superior customer experience to grow sales, margins, and pricing power, and customer lifetime value.

Greg Munster

Greg Munster is the Managing Director of Sales Transformation, is a leading authority in sales enablement and customer-centric go-to-market transformation. Greg has led numerous business transformation initiatives to drive revenue optimization and customer success at industry leading global technology firms including Wolters Kluher, IBM, Lenovo, and Red Hat. Greg has over a decade of practical experience in the design, implementation and adoption of the sales technology portfolio including CRM, CPQ, Sales Engagement, Digital Asset Management and Learning Management within enterprises. Learn more about Greg’s insights into ways technology can better support revenue teams.

Doug Laney

Doug Laney is a leading authority on valuing, monetizing and leveraging customer data assets. Doug originated the field of information economics and authored the best-selling book, “Infonomics. He is a Data & Analytics Strategy Innovation Fellow at West Monroe Partners where he consults to business, data, and analytics leaders on conceiving and implementing new data-driven value streams. Doug is a three-time Gartner annual thought leadership award recipient, a World Economic Forum associate, Co-chairs the annual MIT Chief Data Officer Symposium and is a visiting professor at the University of Illinois and Carnegie Mellon’s business schools.

Kim Whitler
Kimberly Whitler

Kimberly Whitler is Professor at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Her research focuses on how board and C-level roles and decisions impact a firm’s growth performance, the evolving role of the CMO in driving growth, teamwork and firm value, and building brands that create value. Kim is widely published and is the author of the new book Positioning for Advantage: Techniques and Strategies to Grow Brand Value. Learn more about Kim’s research into the changing role of marketing and sales leadership in the C-suite and the need for better management of growth assets at the board level.

Bruce Rogers

Bruce Rogers is a recognized leader in growth leadership, Mr. Rogers leads research and publishing initiatives focused on how today’s CXOs leverage technology and facilitate teamwork to create profitable growth. For the past 30 years, Bruce has been on the front lines studying and engaging the leaders of world-class growth organizations. He has profiled over 400 innovative CEOs, CXOs and  entrepreneurs as the Chief Insights Officer at Forbes and the leader of the Forbes CMO Practice. Learn more about Bruce’s insights into generating more financial value from your sales, marketing and content investments.

David Brunner

David Brunner is an authority on human-centered artificial intelligence and the application of generative AI to sales and marketing use cases. As Founder and CEO of ModuleQ, the People-Facing AI® company, he has over 20 years of experience in AI and Digital Transformation. David holds a PhD from Harvard and a BS from Stanford. Learn more about ways he is using AI to help leading B2B companies learn about seller priorities and deliver the information, insights, and resources are most useful to them in achieving them.

Leonard Lodish

Leonard Lodish is Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of Business.   Professor Lodish is a leading authority in sales management and at the vanguard of data-driven sales resource allocation and talent assessment – pioneering the development of analytic models and decision support systems for sales force deployment, talent, and resource allocation. For the last decade he’s taught the Leading the Effective Sales Force curriculum to a generation of global sales leaders. Learn how Professor Lodish is helping the next generation of growth leaders design and lead effective revenue teams. .

Steven Busby

Steven Busby is a recognized authority in revenue operations, customer experience management and commercial transformation. As a Managing Partner at Slate Point Partners, he helps mid-market businesses to unlock the potential of their commercial teams, systems, data and processes to achieve more rapid, consistent, and sustainable revenue growth. Over the past 20 years, he has helped over 75 businesses connect their revenue teams and the customer data and systems that support them to dramatically grow revenue, share, and customer lifetime value as the CEO of Greenwich Associates.  Learn more about Steve insights into the best ways to generate more scalable and consistent growth.

Peter Horst

Peter Horst is a Fortune 500 CMO who is a leading authority in brand positioning and messaging and marketing transformation with over 30 years’ experience across B2C and B2B markets. As the Global CMO of Hershey, Peter led a transformation of the marketing model while re-positioning the brands and elevating the creative power of the marketing. At Capital One, Peter led the design and launch of iconic products and campaigns, including the Venture Card, the Quicksilver Card, and its entry into branch banking. Peter is author of  the bestselling book, Marketing in the #FakeNews Era. Learn more about his insights on the evolving role of the CMO and how the next generation of growth leaders are building and protecting brands in an era of fragmenting media, tribalism, activism, and fake news.