The Revenue Enablement Institute™ is an advisory and research firm whose mission is to educate and arm the next generation of senior growth leaders with solutions, skills, capabilities, and best practices they will need to accelerate revenue growth and adapt to the new market environment. Our faculty of academics and experts are actively working with owners, CEOs, and their growth leaders to help them transform sales, marketing, and service system into a 21st Century Commercial Model that is more digital, data-driven, and measurable.

Horizon Media Announces Acquisition of the Revenue Enablement Institute (REI) and Launches New Growth Practice – Green Thread – to Help B2B Clients Establish Advanced Systems for Revenue Expansion. Learn how Green Thread, bolstered by the acquisition of REI, is helping clients achieve consistent revenue growth through modern, data-driven strategies. By connecting sales and marketing strategies and activities, this new practice with its experienced leadership and specialized offerings represents a new, more holistic way of serving the B2B customer segment.

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