About The institute


The Revenue Enablement Institute™ is an advisory and research firm whose mission is to educate and arm the next generation of senior growth leaders with solutions, skills, capabilities, and best practices they will need to accelerate revenue growth and adapt to the new market environment. Our faculty of academics and experts are actively working with owners, CEOs, and their growth leaders to help them transform sales, marketing, and service system into a 21st Century Commercial Model that is more digital, data-driven, and measurable.

Our efforts focus on the five key enablers of profitable and sustainable growth.

1.  LEADERSHIP – Successful sales and marketing transformation will require new skills and leadership approaches. The next generation of growth leaders must be coaches that find ways to get revenue teams to work together, and find better ways to use data, information and technology as force multipliers.  

2.  TEAMWORK – Growth leaders will need new managerial architectures that break down organizational silos and foster teamwork across sales, marketing, and service at scale across the enterprise. Old hierarchical command and control approaches will be too slow, culturally toxic, and introduce too many points of leakage and failures as revenue opportunities move across functions.   

3.  COMMON INCENTIVES – Revenue teams can only succeed if they have a common purpose. Growth leaders must define a single scorecard for success that will give disparate sales, marketing and customer success teams the incentives to work together to grow revenue and customer lifetime value. Hierarchical, functional, and waterfall metrics based on linear sales funnels and independent functional roles will fail to either foster teamwork or address current customer behavior. 

4.  INSIGHTS – All customer facing employees need a fully transparent, 360-degree, real-time view of the entire buying journey if they are going to play like a team. Revenue teams must act on buying signals, location-based opportunities, or churn triggers in service within minutes instead of hours or days. Sharing information horizontally across the enterprise to inform and support teams from across geographies, business units, and market segments is now the key to growing revenues, profits, competitiveness and share price.

5.   RETURN ON SELLING ASSETS – Revenue leaders must finds ways to use technology as a force multiplier and team enabler if they expect to succeed by dramatically increasing historically low levels of salesperson productivity, technology adoption and return on selling assets – content, technology, data and automation. To do so, they must find ways to use AI-driven sales tools and workflow automation to automatically enforce new sales methodologies into daily practices, input data into CRM profiles, and deploy all the expensive content, thought leadership, and playbooks created by marketing.

We invite transformation minded CXO’s, CMOS, CSOs and CEOs to participate in our research and education program so they can apply what we learn to build higher performing revenue teams.