Growth SEO is an approach to search engine optimization (SEO) that focuses on the primary objectives of generating more sales and revenue. As opposed to conventional SEO, which values the number and positions of keywords, growth SEO centers on tangible business impacts such as traffic conversion rate optimization (CRO), user experience (UX), customer lifetime value (CLV), and sales readiness.

In other words, Growth SEO drives solutions based on data analysis relevant to the bottom line rather than simply complying with “best practices” formulated by Google’s algorithm updates. It requires a team of experts who understand technology, marketing, design, user experience principles, analytics, conversion tracking, and lastly — a key set of creatively designed tactics for targeting accurate markets.

To effectively implement growth SEO initiatives, marketers must use the right tools and follow the current algorithmic trends closely so that luck does not serve as its foundation anymore. Due to its greater reliance on conducting experiments rather than following a common game plan — growth SEO has quickly become today’s silver bullet: it produces better results while allowing flexibility in campaigns, unlike what we’ve seen in traditional-style searches over the years.

At its core, growth SEO takes an holistic, data-driven approach to understand user behavior, measuring and tracking key performance indicators, optimizing content according to user intent, and driving organic traffic, which in turn leads to increased sales or total revenue. Growth SEO to Revenue Operations uses tools such as Analytics, Google Search Console, and Search Ads to gain actionable insights into the performance of digital products or services. The goal of Growth SEO is to maximize the return on investment of businesses by converting organic search traffic into higher onsite conversions.

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