Strategies to improve coverage, control and the customer experience by enabling virtual selling channels

Virtual selling can dramatically improve the coverage, control, and cost effectiveness of sales channels while offering buyers the speed of response and experiences they demand.  The best organizations are able to double the engagement, productivity and speed at lower costs by enabling their revenue teams with seven key virtual selling capabilities.

The adoption of virtual selling is accelerating in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as 4 Billion people worldwide – employees, salespeople, clients and consumers – are being forced to remain at home.  Sales executives are quickly adapting to managing, coaching, measuring and motivating all or most of their salespeople, call center representatives, and customer support agents remotely and digitally. 

The best organizations are enabling their front-line customer facing employees with the systems and tools that provide them the coaching, communications, intelligence, and incentives they need to effectively engage, retain and acquire customers in a work at home setting.

The Revenue Enablement Institute can teach you how to design a virtual selling channel and help you quickly enable your revenue teams with the data, analytics and activity based measurements they need to perform at a higher level than face to face selling.

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