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The ‘State of Play’ in Revenue Enablement: They Keys to Creating Firm Value as the Commercial Model Becomes More Capital Intensive, Digital and Data Driven

Blake Brown of Tidemark Private Equity and Stephen Diorio of the Revenue Enablement Institute Discuss The Keys To Creating Firm Value As The Commercial Model Becomes More Capital Intensive, Digital And Data-Driven

Customer demand for self-directed and friction free digital experiences combined with the broad adoption of ‘4D’ (distributed, digital, data-driven, and dynamic) selling networks has transformed the go-to-market approach of 97% of organizations. These dynamics have turned modern selling into a capital intensive, data-driven, and digital team sport. Two thirds of operating budgets have shifted to owned digital channels and the technology and data that support them. The associated capital investment in the digital channel infrastructure, customer databases, and enabling technologies that support modern selling has created some of the biggest financial assets on the balance sheet.

The complexity of coordinating so many enabling solutions, digital channels and harnessing the data they generate is breaking the back of traditional marketing, sales and service silos. The core problem is business leaders need an operating system for managing these expensive growth assets, systems, and processes to unlock consistent, profitable, and scalable growth will not be realized.

In this research brief, Blake Brown of Tidemark Investors and Stephen Diorio, the co-author of the new book Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales and Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth (Wiley 2022) discuss the ‘state of play’ in commercial transformation and the best ways to unlock more consistent and scalable growth in the next five years. He shares insights gained from hundreds of executive interviews how leading organizations are using a systemic approach to connecting the dots across their commercial technology ecosystems to unlock more growth and create firm value. You will learn about:
• The growing and evolving role of commercial technology in go-to-market strategies;
• The business and market forces that are forcing business leaders to put a system for growth in place
• How the events of the last four years have accelerating commercial transformation
• Where businesses need to refocus their operating and capital investment to create value going forward
• The building blocks of the modern commercial technology stack – the Revenue Operating System
• Smart ways business leaders are connecting them to generate more consistent and scalable growth


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To help boards, CEOs and CXOs evolve their commercial models to better align sales, marketing and CX teams around the customer and accelerate revenue, profit, and value growth, the faculty of the Revenue Enablement Institute has published a new book on Revenue Operations.

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A new system for growth is urgently needed. One that aligns revenue teams and the systems, operations, and processes that support them across the entire revenue cycle. Learn a better way to manage a capital intensive, digital and data-driven selling system.

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