The Revenue Operations Maturity Model provides a blueprint for identifying the unique steps an enterprise can take to continuously improve revenues, profits, and firm value. CXOs and sales operations leaders can use this tool to evaluate their commercial operations to quantify the unlocked revenue potential in your commercial model and prioritize the next best steps to improve performance. The Maturity Model within lays out 18 discrete steps your organization can take to better align commercial revenue teams, operations, systems, and processes to grow faster at lower cost. Individually, these actions can be piloted, sequenced, and measured to create financially viable and bite sized stairsteps that move your organization through a transformation in ways that are politically, practically, and financially achievable. Collectively the sum of these steps can yield transformational results.

To make it easy and effective for organizations to benchmark their commercial operations against a best in class revenue operations model and prioritize the actions that will have the greatest impact to their business results, the Revenue Enablement Institute has developed an assessment tool based on the 72 point Revenue Operations Maturity Model. This simple and intuitive tool can help your leadership quickly assess the state of your commercial transformation and identify the most financially viable way to “stairstep” your organization towards greater alignment of sales, marketing and CX teams, systems, and processes.

With an investment of only several hours, the faculty of the Revenue Enablement Institute can create a detailed revenue operations assessment analysis that can help your leadership team understand, visualize, agree upon and prioritize the steps they can take in the short, medium, and long term to grow faster and more profitably.


Get a complete overview of the Revenue Operations Maturity Assessment and understand what it is, what’s involved, what you get, how you can use it to unlock growth, how long it takes, and how much time is involved in creating it.

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Arrange a 30 minute meeting with the Revenue Enablement Institute faculty to understand how our detailed revenue operations assessment analysis provides a framework you can use to unlock more growth from your commercial teams, systems, processes and assets.

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Watch a video that explains how the Revenue Operations Maturity Assessment can help your organization align sales, marketing and customer success to generate more revenue growth from your existing commercial teams, operations and systems

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