Our research tells us sales teams are under intense pressure to sell virtually and generate more growth from their investments in advanced analytics and digital selling technology. Growth leaders are being forced to transform their commercial models and reconfigure their technologies stacks to adapt to this new buying reality.

To help senior growth leaders transform their commercial models in the face of these obstacles, the Revenue Enablement Institute is leading research to educate and arm a new generation of CXOs with the state-of-the-art solutions, analytics, systems, and capabilities they will need to accelerate revenue growth in the new market reality.

Our expert faculty of academics, experts, and practitioners is conducting an ongoing and comprehensive analysis of the growth technology landscape using our proprietary Revenue Enablement EcosystemSM – a model designed to unlock the potential of technology to make selling more digital, data-driven, measurable, and most importantly profitable.  At its core, this new model for selling creates value by connecting data, technology and content assets to the five ways they create value: delivering better channel performance, resource allocation, people management, measurements, and product channel readiness.

The result is our inaugural assessment of the 100 technology solutions that will be essential to building a 21st Century Commercial Model. This analysis profiles 100 capabilities and solutions that are converging to connect growth assets to value creating selling actions. A full 80% of these are enabled by advanced analytics, AI and Machine Learning. Collectively, they are fast becoming the core components of a “revenue operating system” that that turns legacy investments in CRM, digital marketing infrastructure, and the customer data they create into selling outcomes that grow revenues, enterprise value, and profits. This is forcing business leaders to reimagine their technology stacks and go to market models around platforms that aggregate, orchestrate and deploy customer engagement data rather than CRM as an administrative system of record. The results suggest a Copernican revolution in how companies generate revenue by harnessing the full potential technology to accelerate profit growth.

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