The Rev-Tech Revolution Podcast: Rationalizing the Commercial Tech Stack to Tackle Tech Debt, Monetize Data, and Drive Innovation

Listen to Stephen Diorio and Betsy Kramer discuss the importance of having a Revenue Operating System to reduce customer data fragmentation, monetizing data, and manage technology debt

In this episode, Stephen Diorio, author of the book Revenue Operations, and Betsy Kramer discusses the challenges growth leaders face as they try to rearchitect and rationalize their commercial technology portfolio to support advanced data-driven selling, highly targeted ABM programs, and personalization at scale. Drawing from his best-selling book on Revenue Growth, Diorio outlines the noton of a Revenue Operating System as a guide for rationalizing, connecting, streamlining and optimizing the commercial tech stack. Listen as we discuss:


>>Better ways to aggregate, align and monetize the mountains of customer engagement data generated by modern selling systems;
>>A framework for reducing the cost, administration, and “technology debt” associated with a growing commercial technology portfolio;
>>Practical ways to connect the dots across the commercial tech ecosystem to simplify the day-to-day seller workflow and augment the value of sales interactions;
>>Six smart actions every organization can take today to rearchitect and reconfigure their commercial tech stack to make it a force multiplier.

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Five Revenue Operations Risks

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