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The New Economics of ‘4D” Selling: The financial impact of distributed, digital, data-driven and diverse selling teams

The broad adoption of digital, data-driven, distributed and dynamic (4D) selling networks in the wake of the pandemic has fundamentally reshaped the allocation of growth resources, operating budgets, and capital investment over the last three years. The overwhelming customer preference for digital engagement ā€“ amplified by the wholesale shift to ā€œ4Dā€ selling has transformed the go-to-market approach of 97% of organizations, according to research by the Wharton School of Business.

In this research brief, Micheal Smith, the Managing Director of Blue Ridge Partners, shares research and insights on how leading businesses are reallocating growth investment from travel and real estate to more scalable investments in tools and technologies and training. In this interview, Micheal shares how organizations redesigning the role and remit of their revenue teams and arming them with the digital tools and enablement services that can double their speed, effectiveness, engagement, and consistency. Specifically, he will explain practical ways to address these core issues:

  • The changing composition of sales overhead from travel, MDF funds and real estate to more scalable digital technologies
  • How investment in selling tools that enabled owned digital selling channels will grow
  • Ways to improve the speed, productivity, transparency and performance of sellers
  • How your organization can make financially valid decisions about what this new mix will look like in your organization


Michael Smith
Michael Smith

Michael Smith is the Senior Managing Director, Blue Ridge Partners. Mr. Smith is an authority on virtual selling and sales channel acceleration. He has helped over 300 organizations unlock new growth by designing new organizational approaches, incentives and systems to optimally reallocate sales time and resources to the best customers, markets and territories He and his team at Blue Ridge Partners have led the commercial transformation of dozens of enterprises and advised Private Equity Investors, their Portfolio Company CEOs, and Operating Partners on ways to generate greater returns on their portfolio investments.


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