Green Thread, the B2B Practice of Horizon Media, is proud to sponsor and host the 2023 AMA Marketing Hall of Fame Awards. The Marketing Hall of Fame celebrates the world’s best marketers, recognizing brilliance in marketing and innovation across the marketing profession. We honor great marketers of all kinds, no matter what discipline they come from or what type of marketing they do. Here is where you find the top marketing thinkers, doers, and role models who are shaping marketing’s future. The world’s best marketers drive innovation and growth. Marketing’s role in the leadership of organizations, public or private, large or small, established, startup, or not-for-profit, is growing. Once a cost, marketing now is seen as an investment that is critical for both increasing market share, company size, and profit. By showcasing the achievements of our inductees, we celebrate the role marketing and top marketers play in business success.

Meet the 2023 MARKETING HALL OF FAME Inductees

Join us as we induct industry thought leaders and experts who have changed the way we practice marketing today. The ceremony will begin with cocktails and food, followed by presentations from our illustrious inductees. They’ll share insights from their exciting careers and most notable successes. Attendees will have a rare glimpse into each inductee’s view of how marketing will evolve in the future.

Date: June 7, 2023

Location: Horizon Media Global Headquarters, 75 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013

Please Note: Registration closes at 6 PM EST on June 5th. Day-of ticketing is not available, attendees are required to sign up with anticipation.


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The AMA Marketing Hall of Fame celebrates the top marketing thinkers, doers, and role models who are shaping marketing’s future..

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