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The Keys to Driving Sales Productivity in a Modern, Ever Changing Commercial Model

Listen to Bob Kelly and Stephen Diorio discuss the keys to driving sales performance in a modern selling model

Sales productivity remains a never ending and elusive goal for most organizations. Pressure to sell more for less is growing as velocity of business increases and revenue teams struggle to adapt to rapidly changing customer, competitor and markets. Few organizations have been able to tap into the full power of technology and advanced analytics as a force multiplier because they have failed to simply and add value to the day-to-day seller workflow. Sales leaders and managers need to build new skills and acumen in change leadership, data-driven selling and sales planning to get the most out of their revenue teams..

In this research brief, the Sales Management Association [SMA]’s chairman Bob Kelly shares insights gained from over a decade helping sales managers from hundred organizations develop and manage high performing selling teams. He outlines the unique challenges of managing seller performance and why sales performance improvement is a never ending balancing act. Kelly previews topics covered in SMA’s upcoming Sales Force Productivity Conference, hosted by the University of Houston June 7-8. In this brief you will learn about:

  • The importance of speed and adaptability as core sales management competencies;
  • The keys to improving the seller experience and simplifying the day to day selling workflow;
  • How technology can help and hinder sales productivity;
  • The significant impact that good sales planning can have on sales performance;
  • The need for more professional sales manager training and skills;
  • Why change leadership and establishing a common purpose are keys to high performing teams.

To help sales leaders and senior practitioners in sales leadership, sales effectiveness, sales enablement, and commercial excellence learn the keys to improving sales productivity in 2022, the Sales Management Association has partnered with the faculty of the Bauer College of Business’s Sales Excellence Institute at the University of Houston to host the Sales Force Productivity Conference – the premiere education and networking event for thought leaders and senior practitioners in sales leadership. In staging its conference at the University of Houston, Sales Management Association is testing a unique collaboration that features senior practitioners presenting with academics, both from Bauer College’s Sales Excellence Institute as well as other business schools. The collaboration is focused on distilling the latest research and best practice insights to help sales leadership, sales effectiveness, sales enablement, and commercial excellence practitioners unlock sales productivity improvements in 2022.


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