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Revenue Operations: The Keys to Creating Firm Value by Accelerating Organic Growth

Corey Torrence shares his experience helping dozens of leading organizations adopt a revenue operations model

Revenue operations has emerged as a board level issue for a simple reason – organic growth, and the commercial assets that create it, have become essential to value creation in every business. Aligning sales, marketing and customer success teams with the systems, operations and processes that support is now fundamental to every business that seeks to grow organically – whether you run a hyper-growth SaaS business, a Fortune 1000 enterprise, or are attempting business transformation to a cloud-based recurring revenue model. Organizations move to a Revenue Operations Model that better aligns revenue teams, operations, and processes around the customer and optimize their commercial architecture to reflect the new economics of selling are contributing five to ten points of bottom line profit contribution in the short term, or if reinvested, can improve long term growth prospects by over 50%.

Corey Torrence, a Managing Director of Blue Ridge Partners, discusses how organizations and Private Equity investors are creating firm value by accelerating organic growth by deploying a revenue operations model that aligns commercial teams, systems, operations, and processes to drive more scalable, sustainable, and profitable growth. In this interview, Mr. Torrence shares the findings from the definitive new book Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales and Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth and the results of dozens of successful Revenue Operations transformation projects his organization has led.  He will explain how successful organizations are managing the growing complexity of the sales tech stack, smoothing workflows across the sales process, and eliminating silo’s, revenue leakage and overlaps in the commercial organization. Specifically, Corey outlines practical ways to address these core issues:

  • The market drivers and business reasons that 75% of growth oriented organizations are adopting a Revenue Operations Model by 2025
  • A maturity model for aligning commercial architecture with data, technology, and organizational structures
  • A financially valid way to measure the ROI of Revenue Operations in terms of growth, profits, and firm value
  • Practical steps owners, investors and CEOs can take to start generating more growth and firm value from existing assets today
  • The potential for privately held organizations to generate 10 points of profit and expand their attainable markets using Revenue Operations


Corey Torrence is the Managing Director of Blue Ridge Partners and a co-author of the Revenue Operating System Report. Mr. Torrence has led four privately funded businesses as a CEO.  He and his team at Blue Ridge Partners have led the commercial transformation of dozens of enterprises and advised Private Equity Investors, their Portfolio Company CEOs, and Operating Partners on ways to generate greater returns on their portfolio investments.


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The first chapter of Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales and Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth outlines a practical and proven system for aligning revenue teams and unlocking more growth from your people, data and technology assets.

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Four Ways To Generate Results Today

Learn four practical steps any organization can take to generate more consistent and scalable growth today as part of a Revenue Operations model.

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