The formula for growth has changed. Selling has become a technology enabled and data driven team sport as revenue teams converge around a new north star – expanding customer relationships. To accelerate revenues and performance, leaders will need to build a faster, better and higher performing revenue engine. To help the next generation of growth leaders accelerate both sales and performance, Stephen Diorio, Managing Director, The Revenue Enablement Institute and Co-Author of the best selling book Revenue Operations led a panel of revenue enablement leaders to discuss the future of sales and revenue enablement at the Sales 3.0 Conference at the Kennedy Space Center on December 8th.

Listen to Stephen Diorio discuss the keys to enabling the modern sales team with Russ Walker, SVP, Revenue Enablement at Datasite and Liz McChrystal the VP of Revenue Enablement at Accent

Listen to Mr. Diorio and his panelists: Russ Walker, SVP, Revenue Enablement, Datasite and Liz McChrystal the VP of Revenue Enablement at Accent discuss the evolving role of the operations that support marketing, sales and customer success and the keys to enabling the modern sales team. Specifically, this expert panel addresses:

  • The changing role of the growth leader and the emergence of the CRO
  • The importance of aligning the operations, processes, systems and data that support sales
  • Practical steps revenue enablement leaders are taking to accelerate sales and improve the seller experience
  • Smart actions leaders are taking to start to “connect the dots” across the teams along the revenue cycle
  • The importance of creating a revenue enablement infrastructure that connects people and technology
  • The keys to improving the seller experience and simplifying the day to day selling workflow;
  • Why change leadership and establishing a common purpose are keys to high performing teams.

To help sales leaders and senior practitioners in sales leadership, sales effectiveness, sales enablement, and commercial excellence learn the keys to accelerating revenues and performance in 2023 the Revenue Enablement Institute has partnered with the Selling Power Magazine to develop the programs at the Sales 3.0 Conference Series – the premiere event for sales, revenue enablement and operations leaders. You can learn more about how sales, marketing and revenue operations teams are aligning their teams, systems and data along the revenue cycle below.


The State of Play in Revenue Enablement

Listen to Stephen Diorio discuss new research on the importance of timely sales planning and its impact on seller performance

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