The pressure to improve returns on technology, deliver a single customer experience, and sell virtually is forcing growth leaders to transform their commercial models and reconfigure their sales, technology, and growth assets. Driving profitable growth will require owners, CEOs, CXO’s and leaders of sales organizations to overcome five big growth challenges as they attempt to adapt to the new buying reality.

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This has spawned a new generation of growth leaders with a mandate to blend their sales, marketing, and service organizations into high performing revenue teams. Leaders like Coke, J&J, Kimberly Clark, Lyft, and Uber are introducing expanded “CXO” roles with titles like the Chief Growth Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, and Chief Customer Officer. In businesses where Sales and Marketing remain separate functions, those leaders are being pressured to deliver unprecedented levels of teamwork, alignment, and orchestration to grow Customer Lifetime Value, profits, and share price.

Regardless of title, this new breed of growth leader must find ways to define, enable and lead a “21st Century Commercial Model” to deliver growth in a new buying reality that is quickly rendering traditional go-to-market models obsolete. But expanding the scope, role, and mandate of growth leadership alone won’t be enough. In order to achieve scalable, profitable, or sustainable growth, “CXOs” will need to pioneer new incentives, insights, and processes to foster teamwork. And find ways to generate more growth from their large investments in people, data, analytics, and digital technology assets.

To better understand and address these issues, our expert faculty is conducting a major research effort to identify, profile and fete the top 100 “CXOs” who are leading this transformation of sales, marketing, and service. We will be featuring this new generation of growth leaders in a major industry report and executive forum this Fall.

The world’s leading CXOs will be determined by nominations from peers, team members, business partners and our expert faculty based on accomplishments and leadership. The criteria for selection include superior growth performance and demonstrated success solving the five biggest growth challenges business leaders face today:

  1. Common Purpose – Establishing common financial incentives for all customer facing functions tied to customer lifetime value and firm financial performance;
  2. Teamwork – Turning growth into a true “team sport” by creating a viable organizational approach to orchestrate the 18 proven drivers of growth and manage sales, service, and marketing functions in a more unified manner; 
  3. Return on Growth Assets – Growing the return on selling assets by improving the historically low rate of return on investments in sales technology and CRM by better connecting them to the ways of selling and the drivers of financial value;
  4. Insights – Finding ways to leverage advanced analytics and AI to double speed, visibility, customer engagement and productivity;
  5. Leadership– Training a new generation of technology savvy “CXOs” with the change management skills and a management toolkit to effectively lead the transformation of sales.

We invite you to nominate transformation minded CEOs, CXOs and senior sales, marketing, and service executives who are recognized for leading the transformation of the commercial model to accelerate growth in their businesses.