Growth starved business leaders are experimenting with new organizational models intended to transform sales, marketing, and service in ways that accelerate growth and adapt to the buying habits of digitally enabled customers.

This has spawned a new generation of growth leaders with a mandate to blend their sales, marketing, and service teams into a high-octane growth machine. Organizations like Coke, J&J, Kimberly Clark, Lyft and Uber are introducing expanded “CXO” roles with titles like the Chief Growth Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, and Chief Customer Officer. In businesses where Sales and Marketing remain separate functions, those leaders are being pressured to deliver unprecedented levels of teamwork, alignment, and cooperation to grow Customer Lifetime Value, profits and share price

Regardless of title, this new breed of growth leader must find ways to deliver growth in a new buying environment that is quickly rendering traditional models for managing leads, accounts, and sales teams based on a linear “lock-step” customer journey obsolete.

Expanding the role and mandate of growth leaderships alone will be enough. In order to achieve scalable, profitable or sustainable growth, these “CXOs” will need to pioneer new incentives, insights, and processes to foster teamwork. And find ways to generate more growth from their large investments in people, data, content, analytics and digital technology assets.

To better understand and address these issues, we have assembled a team of leading academics, experts and executive practitioners to lead an in-depth study of Revenue Enablement best practices. Our goal is to educate and arm “CXO’s with the management tools, capabilities. and practices they will need to succeed.  

We invite transformation minded CXO’s, CMOS, CSOs and CEOs to participate in our first Annual CXO Survey and apply what we learn to build higher-performing revenue teams    All study participants will receive the full findings of the study and a briefing on the key implications to their business and revenue plan.