Sales Strategist Podcast: The CEO is the Catalyst of a Revenue Operations Program

Listen to Stephen Diorio, author of the book Revenue Operations, discuss the challenges business Leaders face as they try to align their marketing, sales and customer success operations and systems to deliver more consistent, scalable and profitable revenue growthle.

In this episode, Stephen Diorio, author of the book Revenue Operations discusses the challenges CEOs and Business Leaders face as they try to transform their commercial models to deliver more consistent, scalable and reliable growth by expanding client revenues, net recurring revenues and eliminating revenue and margin leakage along the revenue cycle. Drawing from his best selling book on Revenue Growth, Diorio outlines a formula for aligning marketing, sales and customer success around the customer and the key reasons why the CEO has to engage and lead Revenue Operations for it to succeed. Listen as we discuss:

  • The importance of connecting commercial investments, actions and efforts to firm value and financial performance and revenue growth in the 21st Century
  • The challenges of delegating the change management, risk, and leadership involved in Revenue Operations to front line operations teams who lack the mandate, capital or span of control to do so;
  • The struggle to prioritize the wide variety of smart actions any organization can take to accelerate sales and reduce costs by connecting the dots across their systems, operations, teams, and processes;
  • Seven smart actions CEOs need to take to Ignite Revenue Operations within their businesses and ensure their commercial transformation efforts achieve escape velocity.

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