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The Sales Management Playbook: A Foundation for Creating Scale and Consistency in a Modern Selling System

Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) – the sergeants and corporals who manage troops on the front lines – are the backbone of the modern military. The same principle applies to sales forces. Sales managers are the backbone of any modern commercial model. They are an essential bridge between the business leaders who define goals, design the salesforce, and set the market strategy and the revenue teams that must execute it. Good sales management can help an average sales team exceed expectations. Unfortunately, the majority of growth initiatives focus on “top down” go-to-market strategy and “bottom up” field enablement, engagement and development investments. Often, this leaves sales managers as the “weakest link” in the commercial model that impedes the execution of commercial strategies aimed at generating consistent and scalable growth.

In this research brief, Michael Smith, the Managing Director of Blue Ridge Partners, shares insights gained from helping over three hundred organizations build high performing, company-directed, selling teams. He explains how leading organizations are using Sales Management Playbooks to rollout and execute a “company way of selling” and create a critical link between corporate growth strategy and the day-to-day actions, activities, decisions, and priorities of font line sellers. You will learn about:
• The critical role sales managers play in generating consistent and stable growth;
• Why the sales management team are even more critical in a modern selling model;
• The reasons why sales managers are the “missing link” in the growth equation at many companies;
• How a sales management playbook improves the development, productivity, resource allocation, speed and visibility of revenue teams
• What a sales management playbook is and examples of how you can develop one


Download an example of a best in class sales management playbook to get a sense of what is involved and how you can develop one.

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Read why sales playbooks are the X’s and O’s of company-directed sales organizations and how you should go about developing a strong foundation for your sales managers to succeed.

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Learn why a sales management playbook is the foundation of consistent and scalable growth from your revenue teams

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