The expert Faculty of the Revenue Enablement Institute are presenting new research at the Sales Management Association Sales Productivity Conference on May 6th. Register now to join thousands of leading practitioners in sales effectiveness, sales enablement, sales operations, and sales leadership at the Sales Management Association’s first online conference. This isn’t a conference planned as an in-person event and forced to go online. Instead, we’re crafting an online experience from the ground up to be “virtual-first,” and we think it will offer our audience a compelling look at the future of online conferences. The virtual conference will feature main stage presentations from a curated list of thought leaders presenting on topics relevant to sales leadership, and leaders in sales operations, sales enablement, learning and development, sales support, and commercial effectiveness.


Sales organizations have operated in a context of quickening change for a decade. Now the sales force must take on change of unprecedented magnitude and urgency. Few in the organization will be asked to adapt as quickly as the sales organization, and few can have a greater impact on the success of the firm in challenging times. Participants will find conference content timely and relevant to their own efforts to adapt their sales organizations in the face of crisis. Topics include:

Stephen Diorio the Executive Director of the Revenue Enablement Institute will share the early findings from the COVID-19 Remote Sales Productivity Study to share how sales leaders are adapting to the new buying reality and the impact of remote selling on sales team productivity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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In this keynote address, General (ret.) Stanley McChrystal will share crisis leadership lessons learned leading the fight against Al Qaeda fifteen years ago when we built the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq in the wake of 9/11. you will learn the keys to leading a remote team in the Covid-19 crisis.

Conference topics will showcase exemplary approaches to change leadership in sales, highlighting best practice organizations, effective process, and enabling technology sales organizations are using today to adapt to fast moving and uncertain conditions brought about by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and to prepare their organizations for future success.


Practicing managers in sales effectiveness, sales operations, sales enablement, sales leadership, commercial effectiveness who enroll through the Revenue Enablement Institute using promotion code REI20 will get upgraded access to the conference for free. Registrations may be reserved now using this form or by clicking the button below.