Our faculty of practioners, academics and experts identified 100 technology solutions that are defining and enabling the Revenue Operating System that runs the modern commercial engine. Each of these solutiosn offers your organization “building block” capabilities that are crucial for enabling the Revenue Operating System. To create this list, the team evaluates over 5,000 solutions available to B2B selling organizations. Our choices were guided by several criteria:

  1. Solutions that growth leaders told us they are relying upon to accelerate sales, adapt to changing buyer behavior, and turn sales, marketing and service functions into high performing revenue teams.
  2. Solutions and capabilities that connect the dots across the commercial technology portfolio in ways that create value and improve the return on people, data, technology, and content assets. Every solution on the list connects at least three parts of the Revenue Operating System to create value. The average solution connects four boxes. A third of the solutions identified effectively connect more. The more interconnected a solution is – the more value it creates. But also, the harder it is to describe. Which is why conventional classifications and magic quadrants struggle to communicate how to deploy technologies in ways to grow profits

You can learn more about the Revenue Operating System, and the 100 technologies that will enable it, and the most financially viable ways to knit together these solutions into a high performing growth engine here. Learn More