Executive Panel

Revenue Operations: A Blueprint for Aligning Sales, Marketing and Customer Success


Greg Munster Global Sales Operations Director Canonical
Jeff McKittrick
VP Sales Execution WalkMe

Chris Hummel
Chris Hummel
Managing Director
Revenue Enablement Institute

Revenue operations has emerged as a board level issue for a simple reason – it directly impacts their primary fiduciary responsibility to protect and grow firm value in the new market reality. This is because six mega trends have changed the formula for growth so much that traditional structures for managing the people, processes, and technologies that support revenue growth are no longer effective at driving sustainable and scalable growth in the current marketplace. Organizations that continue to use outdated functional approaches to growth are struggling to manage growing complexity of technology enabled selling systems, deliver a competitive customer experience, adapt to changing customer buying behavior, or make the transition to a cloud based business model. On a practical level, the executives and managers trying to squeeze more growth from their revenue teams in the face of these secular trends are driving a car that won’t go fast enough because it is only firing on two cylinders, gets terrible gas mileage, and needs a wheel alignment and a tune up.

A new management system is needed. One that does a better job of generating greater returns from commercial selling teams, processes, systems, and operations. This management system is most commonly described as a Revenue Operations model. The goal of a Revenue Operations model is to better align the commercial teams, assets, systems, and processes around a coherent set of customer and company goals to accelerate revenue, profit, and value growth.

This panel will focus on the practical experience of sales operations executives had transforming the commercial model to unify sales, marketing and customer success teams and the operations, processes and systems that support them. Specifically, you will learn practical ways to address these core issues:

  • How to unify commercial sales, marketing, and customer success teams
  • The market drivers and business reasons compelling CEOs to deploy revenue operations
  • A blueprint and maturity model that outlines the six elements of a Revenue Operations model
  • Practical steps every organization needs to take to begin the transformation of their commercial model


SEPT. 14, 2021
12:00PM TO 12:45PM EST

To help boards, CEOs and CXOs evolve their commercial models to better align sales, marketing and CX teams around the customer and accelerate revenue, profit, and value growth, the faculty of the Revenue Enablement Institute has developed a comprehensive Revenue Operations blueprint. This blueprint can help organizations large and small evolve to a 21st Century Commercial Model and accelerate revenue, profit, and value growth. Our faculty can provide education, tools and support to help make Revenue Operations a Reality in your organization by Stairstepping Your leadership and operations teams on the path to commercial transformation