Executive Panel

75% of B2B organizations are actively deploying Revenue Operations strategies to better align their revenue teams, systems, processes and operations to generate more consistent and scalable growth. Why? Because an organization’s ability to grow revenues scalably and consistently is more tied to firm value than at any time in our business lives. Businesses that move to a Revenue Operations Model are able to better align their revenue teams, operations, systems and processes around the customer generate more profits, revenue growth, Net Recurring Revenues and firm value. These improvements can contribute 5-10 points of bottom-line profit contribution short term, or if reinvested, can improve long term growth prospects by over 50%.

To help the owners, CEOs. and operators of growth oriented businesses break functional, data, and technology silos and better align resources along the revenue cycle to accelerate growth, Stephen Diorio, co-author of the best selling book Revenue Operations:  A New Way to Align Sales and Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth (Wiley 2022) is leading a panel discussion with executives who had successfully led Revenue Operations transformation in their businesses. The panel discussion will highlight the practical steps successful businesses have taken to unlock more scalable and consistent revenue growth from their existing commercial assets by deploying a Revenue Operations Model that aligns commercial teams, systems, operations, and processes. Drawing upon the results of successful Revenue Operations transformation projects, they will discuss effective ways to better manage the growing complexity of the sales tech stack, smooth workflows across the sales process, and eliminate silo’s, revenue leakage and overlaps in the commercial organization. Specifically, this group of Revenue Operations leaders will explain how successful organizations are:

This panel will focus on the practical experience of sales operations executives had transforming the commercial model to unify sales, marketing and customer success teams and the operations, processes and systems that support them. Specifically, you will learn practical ways to address these core issues:

  • Effectively facilitating “horizontal workflows” to align marketing with sales and customer success;
  • Aligning their commercial architecture and organizations to leverage systems and insights as a force multiplier;
  • Finding practical ways to break-down functional and technology silos to unlock more growth;
  • Taking a proven and profitable “stairstep” approach to building a system for more scalable and consistent growth;
  • Tackling “low hanging fruit” projects that can generate up to 10 points of EBIDTA contribution with existing resources;
  • Realizing the financial contribution of Revenue Operations to revenue growth, profits, and firm value



Jenna Pipchuk has partnered with her peers in marketing to lead a complete transformation of the commercial model at SMART Technologies to build a Unified Commercial Engine better aligned to the way B2B buyers explore, buy and deploy solutions

robbie traube
chief revenue officer

Robbie Traube has worked to align marketing with sales and focus the operations, systems, and processes that support the entire revenue cycle to drive revenue expansion and maximize Net Recurring Revenues

Steve Gordon
VP Global Sales Operations
Pure Storage

Steve Gordan has 15 years experience as an operations and commercial finance leader aligning the systems, operations, content, data and processes to support the Revenue Cycle and simplify and streamline the seller experience

stephen diorio
revenue Operations

Stephen Diorio has helped over 100 organizations transform their commercial models, and has captured the learnings in the best selling book: Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Marketing and Sales, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth (Wiley 2022).

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