Revenue Operations: A Systems Approach for Turning Analytics into Growth

Applied Marketing Analytics is the major professional journal publishing in-depth, peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of measuring and analysing marketing performance to improve its effectiveness.

Authors: Rogers, Bruce. Diorio, Stephen. Hummel, Chris

Selling has become more data-driven, capital intensive and aligned around customer lifetime value. As part of publishing a new book (Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales and Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth, Wiley 2022), the authors have conducted interviews with 120 senior growth leaders to uncover the systems and structures they are using to generate higher returns from their commercial data assets, which are among the largest financial assets in the business. This article will draw on original commercial research as well as research from the leading academics in the field of marketing analytics to answer these critical management questions:

How can organizations turn customer engagement data into actionable customer insights?

How can organizations use those insights to support decisions, actions and resource allocation?

How can organizations monetize data assets, enable their revenue teams and support the entire revenue cycle?

What are the most financially viable ways organizations can monetize their customer engagement data assets?

You can download a complete article from the Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics at this link.

You can learn more ways that B2B organizations are using customer data and insights to create data-driven systems to generate more consistent and scalable growth by getting a copy of our bestselling book Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales and Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth.

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