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The Revenue Operating System: A System for Generating More Scalable and Consistent Growth

Customers increasingly desire more compelling, self-directed, and friction free digital experiences. The broad adoption of digital, data-driven, distributed and dynamic (4D) selling networks by most organizations has only accelerated this push to owned digital channels and data-driven selling. These dynamics have turned modern selling into a capital intensive, data-driven, and digital team sport in the three decades since the emergence of digital channels. The overwhelming customer preference for digital engagement – amplified by a revolution in AI and explosion in new digital touch points – has reallocated two thirds of growth budgets to “owned” digital selling channels. The shift to “4D” selling has transformed the go-to-market approach of 97% of organizations.
The complexity of coordinating so many digital channels and harnessing the data they generate is breaking the back of traditional marketing, sales and service silos. As a direct consequence, the return on selling assets – people, data, technology, and content – still falls below managers’ expectations, and even further below their potential to create firm value by any financially valid measure. The current situation is unsustainable.
The core problem is there is no established system for getting the many different channels, teams, and technologies in the growth equation working together. Business leaders lack an operating system for managing their growth assets, systems, and processes. Something has to change. Until these fundamental issues are addressed, the potential of technology and AI to unlock consistent, profitable, and scalable growth will not be realized.

In this research brief, Stephen Diorio, the co-author of the new book Revenue Operations, shares insights gained from hundreds of executive interviews in a new report on the Revenue Operating System. He explains how leading organizations are using a systemic approach to connecting the dots across their commercial technology ecosystems to unlock more consistent and scalable growth and generate higher returns on commercial assets. You will learn about:

  • The business and market forces that are forcing business leaders to put a system for growth in place
  • A blueprint for a Revenue Operating System that provides a better way for managing and investing in commercial technology
  • The core building blocks of a Revenue Operating System and six smart ways business leaders are connecting them to generate more consistent selling performance, reduce selling costs and accelerate revenue growth
  • Tools and resources you can use to start to build your own Revenue Operating System.
  • Six smart actions the best organizations are taking to connect the dots to create value


About the Revenue Operating System

Learn more about the 36 building blocks of the Revenue Operating System and the 100 technology platforms that enable it.

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Benchmark Your Revenue Operations

With an investment of only several hours, the Revenue Enablement Institute faculty can create a detailed revenue operations assessment analysis that can help CXOs understand and visualize the steps they can take in the short, medium, and long term to grow faster and more profitably.

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A Better System for Growing a Business

A new system for growth is urgently needed. One that aligns revenue teams and the systems, operations, and processes that support them across the entire revenue cycle. Learn a better way to manage a capital intensive, digital and data-driven selling system.

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