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Remote Sales Network Analysis: A Tool for Managing Displaced, Digital, Data-Driven and Diverse Revenue Teams

An advanced analytic tool that arms sales leaders with the insights and visibility they need to effectively manage a 21st century commercial model

Sales productivity has fallen 20% in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic because most sales organizations are struggling to lead, enable, and manage newly displaced remote revenue teams. The problem is they are using 20th century management tools to run a 21st century commercial model. The 21st Century commercial model is a team sport played by a highly distributed network of sales, marketing and service teams that are “4D” – displaced, diverse, digital, and dynamic.

A Remote Sales Network Performance Analysis is a is a data driven tool to solve a modern selling problem – managing “4D” selling teams that are displaced, diverse, digital, and dynamic.  This analysis is like a Sales “MRI” that gives your leadership team full visibility into the performance of their entire distributed sales teams and actionable recommendations that will allow them to double visibility, engagement, speed and productivity of their valuable selling network.


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