Revenue Enablement Solutions

The problem: Sales operations leaders are frustrated by confusion and complexity caused by the proliferation of point solutions to support selling and the rapid convergence of traditional software categories that support sales enablement, sales engagement and sales readiness. This leads to disconnected solution silos and requires sellers to plan ahead and actively search for content, plays, answers and training they need to be effective in the “moments that matter” in live sales conversations.

The rapid confluence of sales enablement, engagement and readiness capabilities represents a significant opportunity for B2B organizations to generate the next level of growth from their revenue teams and enhance the value to selling transactions. Senior growth leaders that configure these platforms in ways that make them simpler to use by sales, marketing, and customer success reps will realize the immense promise of this latest generation of selling technology. Growth leaders should focus on rationalizing sales enablement, readiness, and engagement into a single end-to-end platform to create a closed loop feedback system that integrates planning and prioritization before the sale, with action and engagement with the buyer, to reinforcement and coaching after the fact.

How we can help: Our faculty can help your operations team demonstrate the potential of integrating sales enablement, engagement and readiness solutions into a closed loop real time system with a real time coaching and guidance pilot program. Our team will help you to harness the data you have from call centers, videoconferencing, CRM, email and calendar to pilot real time call guidance and coaching with front line development reps, account reps, and Customer Success Managers (CSM) in sixty days.


Learn about the convergence of sales readiness, sales engagement and sales readiness solutions and the opportunity to connect

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Our expert faculty can conduct a channel design sprint – a collaborative strategy exercise that helps your sales leadership team understand, quantify, and agree upon how to adapt their unique selling models to succeed in this new buying reality

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Our faculty can help your operations team to connect the dots between your sales enablement, sales engagement, and sales readiness solutions to pilot real time guidance at scale in 60 days

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