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The Keys to Enabling Real Time Seller Guidance and One-to-One Coaching at Scale


Revenue operations has emerged as a board level issue because organic growth – and the customer data, technology and channel assets that support that growth – have become the primary drivers of firm value in the digital age. The emergence of massive new sales engagement data sets from call centers, collaboration platforms and marketing, CRM,  and customer success systems  – combined with the ability of advanced analytics, AI, and Machine Learning (ML) to monetize them –  represents the most significant opportunity to accelerate revenue growth in the last twenty years. The vast majority of organizations have the ability to mine and monetize this data, yet only a small fraction- under 5% – actually do. This is like gold sitting right at the surface. Unfortunately, the majority of sales leaders are missing a big opportunity because they are not using their customer engagement data to improve the performance of front line sellers and differentiate their customer experience. Organizations that continue to use outdated functional approaches to managing their customer facing technologies and the valuable customer engagement data assets they create will become increasingly uncompetitive as their customer experiences, seller performance and return on selling costs fall behind the competition.

Howard Brown, the co-author of the definitive Revenue Operations in a 21st Century Commercial Model report discusses how sales operations and enablement leaders at large and small selling organizations are igniting revenue growth with commercial insights. In this research brief Mr. Brown shares the findings from research with hundreds of growth leaders and the results of dozens of successful commercial insights pilot programs his organization has led.  He will explain how successful organizations are deploying Revenue Operations platforms to better manage and leveraging commercial insights and revenue intelligence across sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Specifically, Howard explains:

  • Why every organization has the opportunity to turn valuable customer engagement data assets from sales, success and marketing into real time seller guidance and coaching;
  • The importance of turning customer engagement data into commercial insights that support decisions, priorities and conversations in the moments that matter;
  • How delivering seller guidance and coaching in real time can improve seller performance fourfold or more and cut the time it takes to ramp new sales reps almost in half;
  • Practical steps owners, investors and CEOs can take to enable real time seller guidance and 1:1 coaching at scale in sixty days;


Learn How to Win With Real Time Selling Guidance

Read Howard’s detailed article that explains how your front line sellers can become more effective by deploying real time selling guidance and one-to-one coaching at scale.

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Howard Brown a Director on the Revenue Enablement Institute Faculty and a pioneer and recognized authority in revenue science, artificial intelligence and sales. A former clinical psychologist, Howard is at the vanguard of the technical and psychological advances in the science of revenue attainment. As Founder and CEO of his team is delivering mission-critical RevOps solutions for some of the world’s largest companies. Goldman Sachs named him one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs. Learn more about Howard’s insights on revenue operations and the science of revenue growth.

To help boards, CEOs and CXOs evolve their commercial models to better align sales, marketing and CX teams around the customer and accelerate revenue, profit, and value growth, the faculty of the Revenue Enablement Institute has developed a comprehensive Revenue Operations blueprint. This blueprint can help organizations large and small evolve to a 21st Century Commercial Model and accelerate revenue, profit, and value growth. Our faculty can provide education, tools and support to help make Revenue Operations a Reality in your organization by stair-stepping Your leadership and operations teams on the path to commercial transformation.