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Using Advanced Customer Analytics To Shrink the Bulls Eye and Expand Revenues

Revenue operations has emerged as a board level issue for a simple reason – organic growth, and the commercial assets that create it, have become essential to value creation in every business. Aligning sales, marketing and customer success teams with the systems, operations and processes that support is now fundamental to every business that seeks to grow organically. A big part of the move to a revenue operations is to build an organizational ability to use advanced analytics and Machine Learning to better align sales, marketing and CX resources with market opportunity.The growth leaders interviewed in our research were financially motivated to deploy algorithmic targeting approaches to their growth strategies, coverage models and territory and quota planning processes because they want to be able to pivot quickly and concentrate resources to  effectively realize more market opportunity in growth markets available to them are much more valuable. These best in class selling organizations are using advanced analytics and Machine Learning to develop customer targeting and propensity to buy models that better align selling resources with opportunity to generate more sales with existing resources. This is a particularly important issue as organizations seek to ramp up sales in the recovery faster than they can add sales reps in a tight market.

Jim Quallen, discusses how organizations are creating firm value by accelerating organic growth by creating Customer Targeting and Propensity to Buy Models that better align selling resources with opportunity to generate more sales with existing resources. In this interview, Jim shares the findings from the definitive Revenue Operations in a 21st Century Commercial Model report and the results of dozens of successful customer targeting and development projects his organization has led.  He will explain how successful organizations are managing the growing complexity of the sales tech stack, smoothing workflows across the sales process, and eliminating silo’s, revenue leakage and overlaps in the commercial organization. Specifically, Jim outlines practical ways to address these core issues:

  • Using Propensity to Buy Modeling to Sharpen Your Targeting and Accelerate Organic Growth
  • How algorithmic targeting approaches can enhance the accuracy, agility and efficacy of your resource allocation, coverage models and territory and quota planning
  • A maturity model for aligning commercial architecture with account potential, propensity to buy, and win probability to improve conversion and performance
  • Practical steps sales and operations leaders can take to start generating more growth and firm value from existing assets today
  • A smart way to pilot advanced targeting with the data and analytics skills your organization has today


Jim Quallen is the Managing Director of Blue Ridge Partners and a co-author of the Revenue Operations in a 21St Century Commercial Model Report. Mr. Quallen has 25 years of experience focused on the development of data-driven solutions for revenue growth and operational excellence. Jim has helped over 100 organizations apply advanced quantitative approaches to historically under-managed business processes and integrating them in client organizations to create solutions that deliver value for years to come. Examples of these solutions include ongoing customer segmentation and offer design, sales operations visualization/reporting and pricing/competitive intelligence.


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