Pilot Real Time Guidance and Coaching in 60 Days

Pilot real time sales guidance and 1:1 coaching at scale across all customer facing sales, marketing, and success functions.

A primary goal of Revenue Operations is to find better ways to convert customer engagement and seller activity data into commercial insights that create value and inform decisions, actions, and conversations at the “moments that matter” in the human selling process. CXOs must demand better control over their customer engagement and seller activity data to give sales managers the visibility they need to better manage, measure, coach and empower their revenue teams at the edge of the organization with the information they need to engage customers and make the right decisions faster.

Our faculty can help your operations team to test and prove the impact of data-driven selling by getting immediate control of conversational, CRM, email and calendar data sets and piloting real time in call guidance and coaching with front line development reps, account reps, and Customer Success Managers (CSMs).

Every organization has the fundamental customer engagement and seller activity data they need to pilot real time guidance and coaching at scale if their CXOs demand it – recorded conversations, content consumption by clients, CRM and exchange data from email and calendars. Using advanced analytics and sales AI tools, most organizations can get an “80% good enough” picture of buyer engagement and seller activity to allow them to provide real-time guidance and coaching to reps about the right response, content, action, or sales play to use in the “moments that matter” in the customer journey.

Piloting real-time seller guidance and coaching can dramatically improve the engagement, speed, and productivity of sellers in the short term. It also provides the data foundation to enable three fundamental sales planning, decision-making, and execution capabilities:

  1. Data driven measurements, priorities and pipeline reviews based on actual customer engagement data
  2. Prioritizing opportunities based on data about probability, potential, engagement, and response
  3. Metrics that quantify buyer intent on a scale of one to ten based on engagement and buying signals

We work with the leading Revenue Operations platform Revenue.io to help you do this by capturing, transcribing, and integrating customer engagement data from live sales calls and AI assisted service agents so it can be used to inform sales coaching, prioritization, and action recommendations.

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