Our research tells us sales teams are under intense pressure to sell virtually and generate more growth from their investments in advanced analytics and digital selling technology. Growth leaders are being forced to transform their commercial models and reconfigure their technologies stacks to adapt to this new buying reality. To help senior growth leaders transform their commercial models in the face of these obstacles, the Revenue Enablement Institute is leading research to educate and arm a new generation of CXOs with the state-of-the-art solutions, analytics, systems, and capabilities they will need to accelerate revenue growth in the new market reality.

Our expert faculty of academics, experts, and practitioners is conducting an ongoing analysis of the growth technology landscape using our proprietary Revenue Enablement EcosystemSM – a model for the enabling the high performing revenue teams. The goal of this analysis is to track the 100 technologies that are transforming sales, marketing and service by connecting data, technology and content assets to the five ways they create value: delivering better channel performance, resource allocation, people management, measurements, and product channel readiness. If your solutions and service can help growth leaders transform sales performance, we want to make sure your capabilities are reflected in our analysis. To that end we’d like to learn more about your solution and arrange to meet with one of our analysts to have a briefing on your solution.

Tell us about your solution by answering our questions online. An an analyst will follow up with you to arrange a more in depth briefing. Giving us information in advance will give us more time together to focus on the most important aspects of your value proposition and the unique ways your solution creates value

Learn more about our analysis of the 100 technologies that are essential to building a 21st Century Commercial Model that is more digital, data-driven and measurable.

Arrange to meet with a Revenue Enablement Institute analyst to brief us on your solutions capabilities and include your offering in the Revenue Enablement 100 analysis.