Modern SaaS Finance Podcast: A Formula to Help CFOs to Connect Sales and Marketing Actions to Firm Value and Financial Performance

Listen to Stephen Diorio and David Appel of the Modern SaaS Finance podcast discuss Ways CFOs can better connect sales and marketing actions to firm value and financial performance

In this episode, Stephen Diorio and David Appel of the Modern SaaS Finance discuss the challenges CFOs face in managing, reporting and forecasting revenue growth in a modern commercial model. Drawing from his new book, Revenue Operations, Diorio outlines a formula for connecting marketing, sales and customer success to the nine customer behaviors that drive future cash flow and the value of the firm.

Listen as we discuss

  • The importance of connecting commercial investments, actions and efforts to firm value and financial performance
  • The challenges of recognizing, realizing and forecasting revenue in long term and recurring revenue contracts
  • The steps CFOs can take to develop more accurate measurements to better allocate revenue generating capacity, resources and investment;
  • Stephen’s book: Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales & Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth

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