Tina Edmundson, Global Brand and Marketing Officer at Marriott International joins Wharton Marketing Professors Raghu Iyengar and David Reibstein – co-authors of the “Markets in Motion” research study to share how she is pivoting their business strategies and innovating in a time of disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic..

Listen to Tina Edmundson, Global Brand and Marketing Officer, share how Marriott is adapting to meet the changing needs of their customers in the wake of the pandemic

In the wake of the pandemic induced economic downturn growth leaders must make some tough decisions about where to invest, where to innovate, and where to refocus their growth resources. These decisions will disproportionately define their future profitability and competitiveness in the new buying reality.  The empirical research and historical evidence in the Markets in Motion research study make two facts abundantly clear:

  1. The return per dollar spent may never be greater than what can be gained by spending at this time
  2. Now is the best time to invest in innovation, transformation and new product launches

New leaders will be determined today because the future of the business will be determined by how one spends in the present. You can learn more about the Markets in Motion research program, and access the original research and authors below.

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