Our faculty of leading academics and world class experts in sales, marketing and service leadership actively works with leading business practitioners to develop research, education and management tools to help a new generation of growth leaders transform the go-to-market system and enable revenue growth across the enterprise. Our faculty includes the world’s leading minds in the core disciplines of sales and marketing leadership, teamwork across silos, data-driven sales management, go-to-market transformation and activity-based measures of account health and sales and marketing performance.  The faculty supporting all of the research and education programs at the Revenue Enablement Institute includes:

Stephen Diorio, Executive Director of the Revenue Enablement Institute. Mr. Diorio is a leading authority go-to-market transformation, sales and marketing performance measurement, virtual selling channels, and revenue enablement. He is author of Beyond e: How Technology is Transforming Sales and Marketing Strategy.

Michael Smith, Senior Managing Director, Blue Ridge Partners.  Mr. Smith is an authority on virtual selling and sales channel acceleration. He has helped over 300 organizations unlock new growth by designing new organizational approaches, incentives and systems to optimally reallocate sales time and resources to the best customers, markets and territories.

Kimberly Whitler, Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Professor Whitler’s research that focuses on how board and C-level roles and decisions impact a firm’s growth performance and the evolving role of the CMO in driving growth, teamwork and firm value, compensation and resource allocation

David Reibstein, Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of Business.  Professor Reibstein is a work leading authority in marketing measurement, management, compensation and short and long term growth resource allocation. He is author of Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance

Leonard Lodish, Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of Business.   Professor Lodish is a leading authority in sales management and at the vanguard of data-driven sales resource allocation and talent assessment – pioneering the development of analytic models and decision support systems for sales force deployment, talent, and resource allocation. For the last decade he’s taught the Leading the Effective Sales Force curriculum to a generation of global sales leaders.

Victor Bilgen, Head of McChrystal Analytics. Mr. Bilgen is a pioneer in the emerging field of organizational performance and organizational network analysis – using advanced analytics to diagnose, evaluate, and enhance the performance and behavior of people and the organizations the operate within. He is developing tools that help sales leaders dramatically improve the communication, teamwork, responsiveness, engagement and decision-making of large distributed selling teams using the Team of Teams model.

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Jeff McKittrick, Managing Director of Digital Sales Strategies. Jeff is a leading authority in revenue enablement with over 15 years of sales operations leadership experience building and implementing digital selling and sales enablement platforms at Cisco, Hitachi Vantara, and Walk Me. Jeff and his team at Hitachi Vantara won Sirius Decisions’ Program of the Year for Sales Operations for their work on creating the Digital Selling Platform.

David Edelman, David Edelman is an established authority in digital sales and marketing transformation. For three decades, he’s been leading digital marketing and sales transformation as a CMO at Aetna/CVS and as the leader of McKinsey, Digitas, and BCG’s digital marketing and sales transformation practice areas. David is at the forefront of using AI to address the complex challenges of leading a 21st century commercial model, including: scaling 1:1 personalization, optimizing the customer journey across campaigns, channels and content, and optimizing marketing planning and resource allocation. He is actively helping CXO’s shape their strategic direction, build their teams’ capabilities, and establish more agile and accountable processes for managing customer engagement data, selling content, and the end-to-end customer journey across the enterprise 

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Greg Munster, Managing Director of Sales Transformation, is a leading authority in sales enablement and customer-centric go-to-market transformation. Greg has led numerous business transformation initiatives to drive revenue optimization and customer success at industry leading global technology firms including IBM, Lenovo, and Red Hat. Greg has over a decade of practical experience in the design, implementation and adoption of the sales technology portfolio including CRM, CPQ, Digital Asset Management and Learning Management within enterprises.

Marten Leijon

Marten Leijon, Managing Director, Blue Ridge Partners.  Mr. Leijon is a leading authority in sales transformation with expertise in designing, enabling, and leading virtual selling channels and leveraging advanced sales analytics to optimize sales resource allocation and pricing for B2B businesses. Mr. Leijon has a 20+ year track record of helping organizations accelerate growth.

Bob Kelly, Chairman of the Sales Management Association.  Mr. Kelly leads the only global professional association for managers focused in sales force effectiveness. Over the last decade, he has hosted and led research, forums and tools to help sales operations, enablement and leaders evolve the discipline of sales management to address the new buying reality.

leonard Ferrington

Leonard Ferrington, Managing Director, Summit Partners.  Len has a 16-year track record of successfully funding, guiding, and growing enterprise solutions that leverage advanced analytics, AI, intelligent business automation, e-learning and unified communications to grow revenues and build highly effective teams.  He and his team at Summit Partners have deep experience with innovative solutions that can enable virtual selling as part of partnering with companies that offer innovative solutions focused on enabling virtual selling, improving sales productivity and supporting practices designed to accelerate the new buying reality.

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Chris Hummel, Chris is a global CXO with a track record of accelerating revenue and adapting to changes in the buying and selling environment.  He has successfully led sales, marketing and product teams at world-class companies like Oracle, SAP, Schneider Electric, Siemens and United Rentals. His efforts in aligning sales & marketing; collaboratively creating digital products & services; and using brand repositioning to amplify business strategy all balance the need to show results now and still deliver on what’s next.

Cam Tipping, Cam Tipping, Founder of the International Institute for Business Development Global Ltd (IIBD). Cam is a pioneer in algorithmic sales resource optimization, computer-based growth strategy simulation modeling, and virtual selling and education. He has advised and educated over 5,000 growth executives and sales managers from more than 60 countries on growth strategy and business development. Mr. Tipping is the developer of the SABRE business simulation tool used worldwide in businesses and MBA programs, and creator of ProfBehindTheGlass, an online education platform

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Bruce Rogers, As a recognized leader in growth leadership, Mr. Rogers leads research and publishing initiatives focused on how today’s CXOs leverage technology and facilitate teamwork to create profitable growth. For the past 30 years, Bruce has been on the front lines studying and engaging the leaders of world-class growth organizations. He has profiled over 400 innovative CEOs, CXOs and  entrepreneurs as the Chief Insights Officer at Forbes and the leader of the Forbes CMO Practice. He is the author of several seminal publications on growth leadership including: Marketing Accountability: A CEOs Blueprint for Driving Enterprise Value, and ”Profitable Brilliance: How Professional Service Firms Become Thought Leaders.”