Leading Remote Selling Teams in a Crisis Environment

Leading remote selling teams in the COVID-19 crisis will require different forms of leadership as sales managers must find new ways to communicate, delegate, manage, coach, and motivate thousands of sales, call center, and service employees in a work at home environment in an uncertain marketplace.  Successful leaders will find ways to give up authority without giving up control, take their culture online, and learn to build relationships and trust on digital platforms. In this session, General (ret.) Stanley McChrystal will share crisis leadership lessons learned leading the fight against Al Qaeda fifteen years ago when we built the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq in the wake of 9/11. In his session he will teach the importance of:

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  • Developing a crisis plan that puts¬† your organization on war footing and aggressively responds to the crisis
  • Empowering and enabling remote employees on the edge of the organization to make decisions and act quickly
  • Providing Using information systems and advanced analytics to provide transparency to every member of the revenue team
  • Using network management principles to accelerate information flow, collaboration and teamwork across revenue teams
  • Speeding up the operating rhythm of your company to match the speed of change in the marketplace