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Remote ‘4D” selling has become standard practice. This means sales managers have to train, coach and evaluate their sales teams more remotely. While most organizations have invested in sales learning and development (L&D platforms) and tools, many firms have still met with unsatisfactory outcomes because organizations struggle to adapt to training and developing remote sales teams without face to face training and coaching and guidance. So despite this investment, sales coaching, skill development and product readiness remain the biggest obstacles to managing a remote field force.
At the same time, business leaders are demanding more impact from their polyglot of investments in learning management, sales enablement, microlearning and sales engagement platforms. A revolution in sales analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) is converging the sales enablement, readiness, and engagement software categories in ways that will make front-line selling faster, simpler, and more consistent. One immediate area you can see this happening is the rapid convergence of sales enablement (sales guidance), sales readiness (sales training), and sales engagement (aka data-driven selling for lack of a better description). This makes sense because there is no good reason sales enablement, sales readiness, and sales engagement need to be separate solutions from a day-to-day sales workflow and seller experience perspective.

As a result, sales organizations need to reevaluate their sales learning, development and readiness investments, resources, and strategies to ensure their revenue teams are effective as pandemic’s impact on the selling model becomes permanent.
In this research brief, Jeff McKittrick, Managing Director of Digital Sales Platforms at the Revenue Enablement Institute shares new research and management practices for connecting sales development, enablement and engagement systems to create a closed loop learning process that delivers more readiness, reinforcement and seller accountability with less time, effort. In this video, Jeff examines how leading organizations are adapting, implications for the sales Learning and Development function’s future, and best practices for keeping remote sales learners engaged. Specifically he covers:

  • The underling reasons why sales enablement, readiness, engagement need to converge into one training motion
  • Best practice approaches to assessing knowledge levels, stimulating learner engagement, and reinforcing learning;
  • Evolving sales training to a virtual model to create scale, leverage and adapt to the new selling reality:
  • The value of connecting the dots between sales development, enablement, and engagement data to ensure training is reinforced and results are measurable;
  • Practical, “how-to” approaches including a case study examples from leaders who have evolved to a digital selling model.


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