How Stacy West And Joe Healey Are Teaming Up To Develop The Enterprise Performance Management Market

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Stacy West and Joe Healey are the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer respectively at insightsoftware, a leading provider of financial reporting and enterprise performance management (EPM) software. The company’s goal is to enable the ‘Office of the CFO’ with a coherent, simple, and integrated set of applications that leverage existing financial systems and data to speed-up processes, increase accuracy, and encourage more collaboration in the core financial processes of the company.

Stacy West is the Chief Marketing Officer at insightsoftware

insightsoftware has built a formidable business over the past three and a half years with a large and growing addressable market for EPM software. The company has assembled a team of experienced operators in enterprise software to build the business from $35 million in revenues to one with revenues almost 10 times that today, according to Mark Friedman, Executive Chairman. Along the way the company has acquired 18 businesses to date, most recently Calumo in July, to establish a new category called Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software and create a business worth $4 Billion based on the most recent investment by Hg Capital.

The company expects to grow to over $1 Billion in revenues in the next several years. To do so, organic growth has become the #1 priority according to both Stacy and Joe. “We are marching toward $1 Billion in revenues in the next three years. That goal is certainly achievable from a total addressable market (TAM) and total serviceable market (SAM) perspective, if we execute on our organic growth strategy and focus on the right things,” says Healey. “The EPM pie is growing, and we intend to grow our share of that pie.”

Stacy and Joe are part of a new leadership team brought in over the past 10 months to accelerate organic growth at insightsoftware and develop the rapidly growing EPM market now that the foundation of 27 financial applications has been established.  “Stacy joined in September, our new CEO, Jim Triandiflou, joined in October, and I started in November of last year,” says Healey, COO. “The three of us were brought in to jumpstart the organic growth engine and properly scale the business. Since that time, we’ve experienced double digit organic growth every quarter. In addition to our organic growth goals, we continue to do M&A to develop our platform by adding solutions that expand us into relevant product categories the Office of the CFO may purchase. With that said, we remain steadfast in building and running a healthy organic engine capable of generating profitable growth.”

Stacy and Joe are working together as one team to pull together their commercial teams, processes, systems, and operations to generate the organic growth needed to achieve such an ambitious goal.

Joe represents a new generation of growth leader with an expanded remit to drive organic growth and a mandate to align sales with customer success and professional services.  As the Chief Operating Officer, he maintains direct control over sales, customer success, customer support, professional services, and a tight partnership with Stacy in marketing. Joe and Stacy work very closely on sales force design, go-to-market strategy, and the methods they deploy to manage the commercial teams, processes, systems, and operations that support revenue growth.

Joe Healey is the Chief Operating Officer at insightsoftware

“Joe and I refer to ourselves as the wonder twins. We think alike, and we approach situations the same way so frequently that I find myself saying, get out of my brain,” reports West. “I don’t think there’s anything revolutionary about the need for sales and marketing to work closely together, but making it a successful reality is another story. Joe and I share a mutual respect, and we feel equally responsible for maintaining strong lines of communication and working in lockstep to scale this business. Our past experiences leading previous sales and marketing teams is a real benefit, and it allows us to better understand the upstream and downstream impact of the decisions we are making. That’s where I occasionally see other leaders ‘shoot themselves in the foot.’ Sometimes, sales will make a decision, and they don’t understand, or consider, the impact it will have on marketing, or vice versa.”

Achieving large growth goals centers around their ability to cross-sell and upsell a comprehensive platform of 27+ solutions to enterprises and mid-sized businesses that address the needs of the CFO from financial reporting, analytics, and budgeting to forecasting, consolidation, and tax.

“While our growth is impressive, there is more opportunity to expand current product usage, penetrate other finance-led business units, and deliver integrated product solutions for our customers,” says Healey. “For example, most of our customers utilize our flagship financial reporting solution. It might be one business unit trying us out. If we can deliver to these customers a seamless implementation, real-time financial reporting improvements, and a solid customer support experience they will grow their customer count with us. From a cross-sell perspective, we built a strong product portfolio, and we see this as an even bigger opportunity to expand. Integral to our product strategy, we’re moving toward a robust platform solution for the Office of the CFO that delivers integrated solution sets that will help us meet the full needs of the Office of the CFO by serving every business unit – financial reporting, capital management and controllership. For example, today, customers can drive more accurate budgets and forecasts within their financial planning and analysis (FP&A) process by connecting two of our flagship products, Bizview, and Spreadsheet Server.“

Stacy and Joe integrate very closely on sales force design and go-to-market strategy to aggressively penetrate and expand share of a growing market. Together they are building out and enabling a mix of direct and indirect channels, redefining the roles in those channels to improve front of the funnel business development, product expertise, and account management, and focusing these teams on tighter market segments and buyer personas.

Stacy’s marketing team has begun systematically nurturing insightsoftware’s 28,000 customer relationships and base of 600,000 users. “As Joe mentioned, we have an immense growth opportunity within our existing customer base,” reports West. “We have over 28,000 customers, and a very small percentage of them use more than one product today. We’re going to change that. For example, we built a customer marketing team this year and expanded our account management teams to specifically focus on cross-sell and upsell. We’ve launched 23 unique cross-sell campaigns so far this year. We’re also working closely with our account management teams when announcing quarterly product releases to drive increased customer utilization and build awareness of new product offerings. We want our customers to realize the full value of the product they’re currently using and learn more about the benefits of leveraging our full product portfolio.”

The sales force design and go-to-market strategy is being driven by the product portfolio strategy. Finance organizations use over 20 different software categories to run their operations across reporting, budgeting, and planning, close and consolidation, tax, and disclosure and equity management. To simplify the finance technology ‘stack’ and better leverage data from across the enterprise to improve and accelerate finance operations, insightsoftware has acquired and built a comprehensive EPM platform made up of over 27 solutions. The company is integrating these applications with the 140+ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions in the market.  Branding, positioning, and selling such a broad product portfolio is a marketing and sales priority.

“In the past, insightsoftware resembled a house of brands,” says West. “This year, we executed a strategy to build one brand by establishing a brand architecture, a holistic overview of our flagship products positioned under the three primary workstreams within the Office of the CFO – capital management, controllership, and financial planning and analysis.”

Beyond brand, both West and Healey view technology as a force multiplier that can help accelerate sales and enhance their go to market strategy. “We’re very technology driven,” reports West. “Our sales and marketing technology ‘stack’ is more robust than any company I’ve worked for previously. And our teams are well-versed in utilizing these tools and analyzing the data to improve our performance. If there’s a new tool that will potentially help us get better, we work swiftly to build the business case, and we secure the budget to implement it. This experience has not been the case everywhere I have worked.”

The company has invested heavily in scalable technologies with the potential to streamline day-to-day selling activities, educate sales teams faster, shorten the sales cycle, and provide them better visibility into pipeline health and forecast accuracy.  For example, Stacy’s marketing operations team led by Colin Greig, Vice President, Digital Marketing and Marketing Operations,  is finding ways to leverage first party customer engagement data from marketing automation and third party signals of intent from 6Sense in demand generation and sales. Sales and marketing operations are working together to support cross sell and penetration by integrating CRM data from many acquired companies and map the contact data to accounts to better support Account based marketing, account development and account management. “The Account Based Marketing (ABM) data from the 6Sense platform is surfaced in dashboards, so all sales reps receive immediate access, and they can review the account data relevant to their customers and targets,” according to West. “Any new technology tool we purchase needs to be useful to sales and accessible through”

Both Stacy and Joe view successful sales enablement as a key factor to scalable growth.  Healey has put in place a strong sales enablement leader to find ways to better leverage AI and conversational intelligence to provide sales guidance, 1:1 training, and manager coaching at-scale. “We recently empowered a talented sales enablement leader, David Szen, to find ways to better leverage AI and conversational intelligence to provide sales guidance and training to our 160 direct sales reps,” says Healey. “David initially led the Sales Enablement team. But recently, we expanded his responsibilities to manage the Business Development Representatives (BDR) team, because of his passion for coaching and developing our reps. Szen doesn’t sit on the side-lines; he joins discovery calls, hosts role-playing exercises, and he is passionate about growing this team. The BDR team is essential, because they are the biggest consumers of our ABM data and generators of conversational intelligence data.” 

Having a strong sales enablement engine to help educate and train direct sales reps and partners to sell the full product portfolio and keep up with rapid product innovation has become a much bigger focus as the company expands into global markets. “A strong sales enablement engine is really important especially when you consider the global nature of our markets and the complexity of our product portfolio,” echoes West. “We have so many products and ERP partners. Enabling our go-to-market teams successfully guarantees we’re promoting the same brand story and product strategy in-market, which increases our ability to sell the insightsoftware vision and gain lifelong customers.”

To coordinate all moving parts, Stacy and Joe are moving towards a Revenue Operations framework for managing the people, processes, and systems responsible for revenue growth.  They are actively synchronizing the operations that support their revenue teams – marketing operations (owned by Stacy) with sales and service operations (owned by Joe) to effectively work as a well-oiled machine. 

“I’ve deployed Revenue Operations and integrated sales and marketing operations in past companies,” says Healey. “Our path right now is to continue to have marketing ops and sales ops separate today but sharing information and working together to support the entire customer journey. For example, Stacy and her team make sure first party signals and intent data from ABM are fed to the BDR teams, Account Development Reps (ADR), and Client Development Reps (CDRs) in partnership with our sales and customer success operations teams.”

By working together, West and Healey have been able to effectively share data and insights across sales and marketing to adapt to market opportunity and manage the end-to-end commercial process in a more unified and coordinated way. Stacy’s marketing team designs go-to-market content that delivers a consistent value proposition, and Healey deploys all members of the revenue team to carry that message to their target markets. “Beyond sales and marketing, it’s important to involve key customer support, technical support, and customer success team members in the customer journey,” says West.  “I think of it a little like lean manufacturing – you train people up and down the line to help bolster the teams’ efforts and achieve desired outcomes. We are continuously improving this model within sales, marketing, customer success, and customer support. And, we work hard to retain our top talent to build institutional knowledge and continue growing at this rapid pace.”


Stacy West is the Chief Marketing Officer at insightsoftware

Joe Healey is the Chief Operating Officer at insightsoftware

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