Commercial Asset Management Solutions

The problem: The fragmented management of revenue generating commercial assets – which include customer data, digital technology, digital channel infrastructure, and customer relationship equity – has resulted in lower than acceptable returns on the technology, data and digital infrastructure assets that underpin firm value and future revenue streams.

CXOs must provide their sales operations and enablement teams clear strategic and financial criteria to help them evaluate, consolidate, and evolve their growth technology portfolios. They can do this by reimagining the commercial technology portfolio from the top down to focus on eliminating the big points of friction in the seller workflow, connecting the dots across the ecosystem to create more value, and eliminating redundant, disconnected, and under-utilized assets. The best organizations are able to improve seller speed, engagement, and productivity by over 50% while cutting costs by linking the twenty or more pieces of their legacy growth technology stack into highly productive “ecosystems” called Digital Selling Platforms.

How we can help: Our expert team can work with your team to audit your sales and marketing technology portfolio to identify waste, duplication, and disconnects as well as assets that are not useful, utilized or creating value. They will also identify ways to improve utilization, return on investment and make your commercial model more virtual, data-driven, and measurable.


Read the 21st Century Commercial Model Report and learn practical ways to generate more value from your investments in technology, data and content assets.

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Our faculty can help your operations team to evaluate your commercial technology portfolio and customer data assets to identify immediate ways to rationalize the technology stack to eliminate waste, redundancy, stranded or non-performing assets and streamline the seller workflow, simplify the seller experience, and improve adoption.

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Our faculty can help your operations team to connect the dots between your sales enablement, sales engagement, and sales readiness solutions to pilot real time guidance at scale in 60 days

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