exPERT Panel

Fireside Chat with Sales Experts: Sales Recruiting Training and Retention in the Current Marketplace

LISTEN TO Andrew Hough, of the Institute of Sales Professionals AND STEPHEN DIORIO OF THE REVENUE ENABLEMENT INSTITUTE DISCUSS THE best practices in recruiting, ramping and retaining high performing revenue teams

Sales teams are at the heart of many organizations, the more revenue they bring in the better the business does. Then why according to research, do 55% of salespeople not have the right skills to be successful in their role?
You have got to get and read the latest book by Stephen Diorio, author of Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales and Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth and Andrew Hough, CEO of the Institute of Sales Professionals discuss best practices for recruiting, ramping and retaining sales talent in an increasingly competitive, dynamic market for sales talent.

In this episode of the Expert Topic Series, a panel of experts will dig into the way leading B2B sales organizations are optimizing the process of recruiting, ramping and retainer sales talent, and the systems, processes, practices and structures they are using to build reliable, consistent and high performing revenue teams. This executive panel includes:

  • Stephen Diorio, Executive Director of the Revenue Enablement Institute
  • Andrew Hough, CEO of the Institute of Sales Professionals
  • David Juniper – Group Digital Director at Roar B2B