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Executive Panel: The Future of Enterprise Technology Selling

LISTEN TO STEPHEN DIORIO lead a panel of sales and enablement executives to discuss the evolution of technology selling

To adapt to digital customer buying behavior, the best organizations are augmenting the value their sellers is by helping them to deliver more interactive visual and collaborative experiences that differentiate the customer experience across every channel. As digital selling become the norm, digital fatigue has increased.  The appetite for PowerPoint presentation on videochat and collaboration platforms has waned. Marketing communications are scanned at best, and most buyers cannot see any difference in the passive online buying experience. To succeed in today’s marketplace, B2B marketing and sales leaders are going to have to up their game to deliver better, more compelling, and channel ready content experiences if they expect to compete in a ‘4D’ channel environment. You can learn how sales and marketing leaders like HPE, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Honeywell, Dell, and Audi are taking this to heart making big investments to create digital experiences or virtual worlds to support selling in the future.

To learn how, listen to Stephen Diorio, the Managing Director of the Revenue Enablement Institute and a panel of sales and enablement executives discuss the ways that technology sellers are raising the bar on their selling experiences at our executive panel from March 9th, entitled the Future of Enterprise Technology Selling This executive panel includes:

Hang Black, VP of Global Revenue Enablement at Juniper Networks
Eddy Ciliendo, Director of Worldwide Sales at IBM
Jeff Harris, Vice President, Corporate and Portfolio Marketing at Keysight
Gavin Finn, President & CEO at Kaon Interactive

You will learn how these marketing and sales leaders are transforming their companies to strategically move beyond product selling into solution-based outcome selling, elevating sustained value and ROI. From as-a-service, to security, to AI/ML, to edge to cloud and hyper-scalers (beyond big-data) learn how companies build awareness, close 3x the deals, and everything in between. Specifically:
* Adapting to industry trends and rapid shifts/changes
* Creating consensus and trust amongst stakeholders
* Optimizing ROI and elevating value
* Planning for long-term hybrid customer engagement
* Agile and strong cross-functional approaches for long-term growth
* Addressing customer’s desire for self-serve