In a world where growing a business has become a data-driven and technology enabled team sport, it’s the revenue team that connects the most dot’s wins. Over 90% of organizations are deploying revenue operations strategies that better align the revenue teams – and the customer data, systems, operations, and processes that support them – along the revenue cycle. 94% of B2B organizations are actively consolidating, simplifying, and optimizing their commercial technology stack to better share and leverage customer data to improve resource allocation, performance, targeting and measurement of their commercial teams. On September14th, Stephen Diorio the author of the book Revenue Operations will be leading a panel of practioners at Dreamforce in an open discussions about how leading organizations are deploying people, process, and data to increase ROI and consolidate their commercial technology stacks. We invite leaders and managers from sales, operations, enablement, customer analytics and IT to participate in a collaborative conversation about:

• The emerging role of Revenue Operations in aligning the systems, data sets, processes and operations that support the end to end enterprise revenue cycle;
• The growing importance of CRM data in helping revenue teams improving revenue visibility, eliminating revenue leakage, informing more personalized client engagement and optimizing the allocation of commercial resources;
• Best practices for connecting, enriching, and leveraging CRM data at every stage of the revenue cycle;
• The ways that AI can improve the quality, sharing, value and commercialization of your customer engagement data sets;
• A financially valid, objective and practical approaches to consolidating, simplifying, connecting and optimizing the commercial technology stack to improve the visibility, reliability and performance of your selling efforts.


Tina Cartwright, SVP, Transformation Strategy Executive, US Bank
Michelle Feinstein, VP/GM Global Financial Services, Salesforce

betsy peters, VP Product Strategy, Riva
stephen diorio
revenue Operations

Join us at 12 noon on Thursday, September 14th in Room 3020 Moscone West on Level 3 at Dreamforce 2023. You can add the RevOps panel to your agenda at Dreamforce 2023 at this link.

In addition, Stephen Diorio who authored the bestselling book Revenue Operations, will be available to meet before or after the panel at Dreamforce to discuss your revenue operations challenges and opportunities and share our latest research on tuning the commercial engine. You can register to meet and get a complimentary copy of our financially valid approach to consolidating, simplifying and optimizing your commercial technology portfolio below;


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The Evolving Role of Revenue Operations

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A Blueprint for Sales Tech Consolidation

94% of sales organizations are actively consolidating, simplifying and optimizing their commericial technology portfolio. Learn a Financially Valid Approach To objective and comprehensive blueprint to help executives reimagine and knit together their commercial technology portfolio to make selling more consistent, scalable, and most importantly profitable

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