participate in the research study

Thank you for your interest in participating in an interview for our management research on Dynamic Forecasting. Our research is focused on defining more agile, reliable, and data-driven ways to forecast, recognize, and realize more predictable growth in a modern commercial model. Our faculty is interviewing senior finance, sales operations and growth leaders from medium to large B2B enterprises who have a significant portion of their revenue coming from a mix of product offerings, each with its own pricing and revenue stream.

The focus of the research is to learn more about how the best companies are managing the growing complexity of contracts that mix products, services, subscription, and consumption-based revenue over time. Specifically, we want to understand current practice and potential solutions for managing several challenges.

  • Difficulty reliably forecasting future revenue to investors;
  • Difficulty managing, ramping, realizing, and optimizing “run rate” revenue;
  • Wasted capacity, resources, and profit leakage;
  • Lack of visibility into the changes, actions and practices that impact total revenue under contract.

We can complete the interview in about 15-20 minutes. The attached discussion guide should give you a sense of the sturdy scope, the type of people we seek to interview, and the issues we want to discuss.

After you fill out the form, our faculty will reach out to you with more background on the research initiative and to schedule a time to ask you a few questions.  Or identify the individual in your organization who would the best person to participate.

In return for your investment of time, we can provide you:

  • The complete findings of our research study, including a briefing with our world class faculty if desired;
  • A complimentary copy of our bestselling book on Revenue Operations – which is based off hundreds of interviews with senior executives on the very issues we will be discussion;
  • The opportunity to be quoted in media articles we publish on this topic in Tier I media (with your approval, and if desired).

We look forward to meeting you.  I think you will enjoy the discussion.