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Thank you for your interest in getting a management briefing with our expert faculty on our best practices research into the emerging management discipline, process and practice of Dynamic Forecasting.

Our faculty of leading practitioners, academics and experts can help your financial and growth leadership identify ways your organization can leveragecustomer engagement data from the front office to generate more agile, precise and reliable revenue forecasts and realize more predictable growth in a modern commercial model.

Our team is available to share how the best companies are managing the growing complexity of contracts that mix products, services, subscription, and consumption-based revenue over time. Specifically, we can discuss the key learnings from our research, which include:

  • How to improve visibility into the 24 post booking variables that confound revenue forecasts and create revenue leakage, shrinkage and slippage;
  • Practical ways to establish front and back office feedback loops between the back office and front office to improve return on assets and reduce wasted capacity and resources,
  • Best practices to extend back office financial controls into the front office demand generation, sales and account management processes;
  • Solutions that can help automate the aggregating and the sharing of this front office data in the forecasting process;
  • Ways to initiate a process of continuous process improvement process that continually unpacks and addresses the root causes of revenue leakage, forecast errors and billing disputes;
  • Data-driven approaches to model, manage, ramp, realize and optimize “run rate” revenue;

After you fill out the form, our faculty will reach out to you to schedule a time with our faculty to brief you on the key finding of our research study and discuss steps your organization can take to generate more reliable, agile, and data-driven revenue forecasts.

As part of our briefing, we can provide you a complimentary copy of the complete findings of our research study.

We look forward to a productive discussion.