Michael Smith and Jeff McKittrick discuss how growth leaders are generating more growth and higher returns from their investments in technology and data by connecting the dots across their growth technology portfolio to create Digital Selling Platforms

Digital technology offers tremendous but unfulfilled potential to improve the productivity, engagement, and speed of sales teams at lower costs. But for most organizations it hasn’t. But six months of leading remote revenue teams has given senior executives the motivation to find better ways to use digital technology to boost sales productivity and performance. The pressure to adapt to remote selling and cut spending in the recession is forcing business leaders to find ways to grow more for less. The only scalable way to do this is to cut sales travel, events and real estate and reinvest the savings in technology and training that creates leverage. This means managers must get far better performance from their large sales technology portfolios that support pricing, training, coaching, content sharing, customer relationships and contract management. To do this business leaders to reimagining their growth technology portfolio from the top down to focus on the biggest hot spots in the sales process: prioritizing opportunities, preparing for sales calls, getting access to product knowledge, finding content, capturing data, and preparing proposals.

The next generation of growth leaders will distinguish themselves by how they get their sales technologies to work together to support their processes and create value. They’ll stitch together the building blocks in their legacy technology stacks into technology ecosystems that capitalize on the most obvious opportunities to grow sales, profit, and firm value. Specifically, we see growth leaders actively “knitting together” the various pieces of their technology portfolios to build Digital Selling Platforms that automate, simplify, and speed up selling by addressing the major hot spots in the selling process.



Access the resources below to learn how the best sales organizations are growing productivity by over 50% while cutting costs by knitting together the twenty or more pieces of their legacy growth technology stack into highly productive “ecosystems” that address the top points of failure in the selling process.

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