Conduct A Commercial Technology Portfolio Review

CXOs must get far better performance from their large sales technology portfolios that support pricing, training, coaching, content sharing, customer relationships and contract management. They can do this by reimagining the commercial technology portfolio from the top down to focus on eliminating the big points of friction in the seller workflow, connecting the dots across the ecosystem to create more value, and eliminating redundant, disconnected, and under-utilized assets. The best organizations are able to improve seller speed, engagement, and productivity by over 50% while cutting costs by linking the twenty or more pieces of their legacy growth technology stack into highly productive “ecosystems” called Digital Selling Platforms.

Michael Smith and Jeff McKittrick discuss how growth leaders are generating more growth and higher returns from their investments in technology and data by connecting the dots across their growth technology portfolio to create Digital Selling Platforms

Our expert team can work with your team to audit your sales and marketing technology portfolio to identify waste, duplication, and disconnects as well as assets that are not useful, utilized or creating value. They will also identify ways to improve utilization, return on investment and make your commercial model more virtual, data-driven, and measurable.

This thirty day analysis will identify immediate ways to rationalize the technology stack by eliminating waste, redundancy, stranded or non-performing assets and streamlining the seller workflow, simplifying the seller experience, and improving adoption. It includes:

  1. Top-down technology portfolio rationalization. Evaluate the entire sales and marketing technology portfolio with focus on value creation and capture to identify areas of waste, duplication, and assets that neither create value nor support the growth agenda.
  2. Sales process “hot spots” analysis: Conduct a qualitative and quantitative survey of the entire revenue team to identify the top points of leverage or failure in your sales process that take up salesperson time and gate revenue growth.
  3. Technology portfolio reconfiguration: Reconfigure the sales technology portfolio to create a digital selling platform that focuses all of your data, content, and technology assets on automating and supporting the top 6 hot spots in your sales process.
  4. Process enablement and technology alignment: Align your capabilities and tools with day to day selling activities to ensure they directly support the planning, prioritization, reporting, and skill gaps that are holding salespeople back and costing them time.
  5. Adoption and utilization measurement systems: Measure and grow user adoption by connecting critical tools and capabilities to a digital adoption system that makes it easy and fast for salespeople to discover and use the full set of capabilities in your technology arsenal.