Revenue Operations Strategies

The problem: CXOs are trying to use organizational systems developed in the 20th century to manage a a 21st Century commercial model that is digital, data-driven and dynamic. Business leaders that continue to use outdated functional approaches to managing sales, marketing, and customer success resources and the enterprise customer journey are struggling to grow revenues. The fractured management of the enterprise commercial process causes revenue and margin to leak through “air gaps” and handoffs in the customer journey. And the uncoordinated leadership of customer facing revenue teams leads to coverage gaps, suboptimal resource allocation, higher selling costs, customer churn, and missed opportunity.

Moving to a Revenue Operations Model that aligns revenue teams and optimizes the commercial architecture to reflect the new economics of selling can contribute five to ten points of bottom line profit contribution in the short term, or if reinvested, can improve long term growth prospects by over 50%.

How we can help: The Faculty of the Revenue Enablement Institute has developed an assessment tool based on the 72 point Revenue Operations Maturity Model to help growth leaders quickly assess the state of their commercial transformation and identify the most financially viable way to “stairstep” their organization towards greater alignment of sales, marketing and CX teams, systems, and processes. Our team has executed a dozen large scale revenue operations transformations in the past year.


Read the Revenue Operations in the 21st Century Model Report and get a blueprint for aligning sales, marketing and customer success teams and optimizing your commercial operations, processes and assets in a 21ST Century Commercial Model

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With an investment of only several hours, the Revenue Enablement Institute faculty can create a detailed revenue operations assessment analysis that can help CXOs understand and visualize the steps they can take in the short, medium, and long term to grow faster and more profitably.

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Our team can help lead commercial transformation to better align revenue teams, rationalize sales support overhead, eliminate revenue and margin leakage, and refocus resources on enabling scalable technologies and capabilities.

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