about the covid-19 remote SALES PRODUCTIVITY study

Remote selling has become the new normal the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as 4 Billion people worldwide – including employees, salespeople, clients and consumers – are being forced to remain at home.

Few organizations were prepared for this scale of employee dispersion.

Leading remote sales teams during the COVID-19 crisis will require different forms of leadership

Sales executives must plan for disrupted work for the next several months, or indefinitely, as they guide revenue teams they cannot see through new ways of working, different modes of engaging customers, a dynamically changing marketplace, and new communications priorities. 

To help sales leaders to adapt the new buying reality and help their remote virtual revenue teams be as productive as possible, the faculty of the Revenue Enablement Institute has launched a research study.

Our research team is focused on finding ways sales leaders can successfully manage, motivate, enable and empower their remote sales teams. By participating in the study you’ll learn how your peers are:

  • Using technology to help sales reps generate more buyer engagement
  • Getting visibility into seller activity, decision-making and account health
  • Improving communication in the absence of the face-to-face collaboration a physical space provides;
  • Empowered employees “at the edge” to make quick and informed decisions better support customers
  • Coaching, measuring and motivating remotely and digitally
  • Selling value and building trust with buyers in digital channels

We invite transformation minded sales executives to contribute to the study and apply what we learn to build higher-performing revenue teams.  All study participants will receive the full findings of the study and a briefing on the key implications to their business and revenue plan.